William Krieger is a philosopher of science and working archaeologist, splitting his
time between the University of Rhode Island and Israel's coast. Having received his
Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Claremont Graduate University, a B.S. in Biology from
Columbia University, and a B.A. in Jewish Philosophy from the Jewish Theological
Seminary, he joined URI in 2006. Dr. Krieger ’s research interests include the Philosophy
of Science, Science and Values, the Philosophy of Technology, Epistemology and
Metaphysics, the Philosophy of Religion, and Archaeological Theory and Methods. 

Dr Krieger's teaching interests reflect his research, and he was awarded the URI
College of Arts & Sciences Teaching Award in 2011. 

A working archaeologist who has gotten his hands dirty and/or wet at a variety of sites
throughout Israel, Dr Krieger is currently Co-Director of the Israel Coast Exploration
(ICE) project, a research dig and field school that provides training opportunities in
terrestrial and underwater archaeology as well as in archaeological conservation and

In 2010 Dr Krieger participated in a conference devoted to underwater archaeology. The
resulting document, the Penn-Brock Statement of Principles and Best Practices for
Underwater Archaeology and the Stewardship of Underwater Cultural Heritage in the
Mediterranean is helping to shape international policy by putting forward a set of
principles and best practices for underwater archaeology and the stewardship of
underwater cultural heritage. 

Dr Krieger currently serves as the Executive Secretary of the International Society for
the History and Philosophy of Science (HOPOS), as an area editor (in Archaeology of the
Levant: Archaeological Theory) for The Journal Religious Studies Review, and as a member
the John Hazen White Center for Ethics and Public Service. He has also served on boards
for a variety of other organizations focusing on archaeology, religion, and the



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