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Trace elements affect methanogenic activity and diversity in enrichments from subsurface coal bed produced water (with B. Unal, V. R. Perry, M. Sheth, V. Gomez-Alvarez, and K. J. Chin), Frontiers in Microbiology (2012)

Microbial methane from coal beds accounts for a significant and growing percentage of natural gas...



Bioavailability of jarosite for stimulating acid mine drainage attenuation, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta (2012)

Biological reduction of iron-sulfate minerals, such as jarosite, has the potential to contribute to the...



Desiccation induces viable but non-culturable cells in Sinorhizobium melilioti 1021 (with Frans J. de Bruijn and Jan AC Vriezen), AMB Express (2012)

Sinorhizobium meliloti is a microorganism commercially used in the production of e.g. Medicago sativa seed...



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The diversity of microorganisms active within sedimentary rocks provides important controls on the geochemistry of...



Investigating Perchlorate-reducing Microbes That Thrive on Elemental Sulfur (with Teresa Conneely, Ashish Sahu, and Ssarina Ergas), Water Resources Research Center Conferences (2007)

Bioremediation of perchlorate (ClO4-), a groundwater contaminant, is thought to be a cost-effective method of...



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Shifts in Rhizoplane Communities of Aquatic Plants after Cadmium Exposure (with L. M. Stout), Applied & Environmental Microbiology (2005)

In this study we present the comparative molecular analysis of bacterial communities of the aquatic...