Kish Parella teaches International Business Transactions, Transnational Law, and
Corporate Social Responsibility. Her research interests relate to issues confronted by
firms that exchange across borders, including global production networks, business
ethics, dispute resolution, and transnational regulation. Her current research explores
ways to transmit costs and benefits of corporate social responsibility along
transnational supply chains. She is also exploring the ways that small firms rely upon
relational values to manage risks when they exchange with foreign parties. 

Select Scholarship


Procedural Fairness by the Corporation, Virginia Journal of International Law (Forthcoming) (2016)


Outsourcing Corporate Accountability, Washington Law Review (2014)


Contextualizing Legitimacy, Texas International Law Journal (2013)

Select Presentations

Outsourcing Accountability, Presenter, Junior International Law Scholars Conference (2014)
Outsourcing Accountability, Moderator, Organizer, Presenter, IBT Juniors Rountable: Transnational governance solutions to international bueiness challenges (2014)
Governing Amidst the Fragments, Presenter, American Society of International Law International Economic Law Interest Group (2013)
The Remedy of Public Apologies in International Arbitration, University of Maine Faculty Presentation (2012)
The Remedy of Public Apologies in International Arbitration, Villanova Law School Junior Faculty Workshop (2012)