Microbial ecology is an incredibly diverse field that explores the roles of
microbial community metabolism in the natural environment, areas contaminated by human
activity, industrial settings, the human body, and applications in biotechnology. Dr.
Feris’ research focuses on the application of the tools and understanding of microbial
ecology to enhance our ability to utilize the metabolism of microorganisms for a variety
of applications, including natural resource damage assessment, alternative energy
generation, bioremediation, and biotechnology. 

Research Publications and Presentations


Ultraviolet Radiation Pre-Treatment Modifies Dairy Wastewater, Improving Its Utility as a Medium for Algal Cultivation (with Maxine L. Passero, Benjamin Cragin, Amy R. Hall, Nathan Staley, Erik R. Coats, and Armando G. McDonald), Algal Research (2014)

Dairy wastewaters can be remediated through assimilation of nutrients into algal biomass, providing upcycling into...



Assessing the Potential Effects of Fungicides on Nontarget Gut Fungi (Trichomycetes) and Their Associated Larval Black Fly Hosts (with Emma R. Wilson, Laura Bond, Lance Steele, Prasanna Kandel, Alison Chamberlin, Justin Gause, Nicole Reynolds, Ian Robertson, Stephen Novak, and Merlin M. White), JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association (2014)

Fungicides are moderately hydrophobic and have been detected in water and sediment, particularly in agricultural...



Heavy Metal Tolerance Genes Alter Cellular Thermodynamics in Pseudomonas Putida and River Pseudomonas spp. and Influence Amebal Predation (with Michael R. McTee, Sean M. Gibbons, Nathan S. Gordon, James E. Gannon, and Philip W. Ramsey), FEMS Microbiology Letters (2013)

Predation rates were measured for two Acanthamoeba castellanii strains feeding on metal-tolerant and metal-sensitive strains...



Microbial Community Responses to 17 Years of Altered Precipitation are Seasonally Dependent and Coupled to Co-Varying Effects of Water Content on Vegetation and Soil C (with Patrick O. Sorensen and Matthew J. Germino), Soil Biology and Biochemistry (2013)

Precipitation amount and seasonal timing determine the duration and distribution of water available for plant...



Impacts of an Ethanol-Blended Fuel Release on Groundwater and Fate of Produced Methane: Simulation of Field Observations, Water Resources Research (2013)

In a field experiment at Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB) designed to mimic the impact...


In the News


Powering the Future: Boise State Researchers Address Energy Challenges, Explore: The Research Magazine of Boise State University (2012)

It may be smelly and gooey, but cow manure has its upside. Dr. Kevin Feris...