Prior to joining the John Marshall faculty, Ken Kandaras was a staff attorney for
the Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation, Inc., and an adjunct professor at
IIT/Chicago-Kent College of Law. His published works include Discovery in Illinois:
Federal and Illinois Practice. Professor Kandaras served as the professor-reporter for
the Illinois Supreme Court Sub-Committee on the Selection and Administration of Juries.
He also has served as professor-reporter to several Illinois Judicial Conference
committees dealing with issues of civil procedure and tort law. 

In the past several summers, Professor Kandaras has co-directed (with Chief Justice Liam
Hamilton of the Supreme Court of Ireland) intensive training courses in Dublin, Ireland,
on comparative trial advocacy and transnational legal negotiations. He is John
Marshall's representative to the Chicago Inn of Court and a former member of the
Jefferson Inn of Court. 

Professor Kandaras joined the faculty in 1976. He directs the Advocacy program and
teaches Civil Procedure, Conflict of Laws, Federal Courts, and Trial Advocacy. 



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