Kendrick Brown is a social psychologist whose research seeks to further understand
the dynamics of intergroup contact by examining the experience of of interracial
friendship by people of color. Additionally, he is investigating the cross-cultural
aspects of skin tone bias perceived by White Americans and people of color in the United
States, and Japanese people in Japan. 

At Macalester College, he teaches understanding and confronting racism, African American
psychology, research methods, and social psychology. 

EDUCATION: B.A., Mount Union College; M.A., University of Michigan; Ph.D., University of

Brown has been teaching at Macalester since 1998. 

EDUCATION: B.A., Mount Union College, 1993; M.A., University of Michigan, 1996; Ph.D.,
University of Michigan, 1998 

Journal Articles


Teammates On and Off the Field?: Interracial Contact and the Racial Attitudes of White Intercollegiate Student-Athletes (with Tony N. Brown, James S. Jackson, Robert M. Sellers, and Warde J. Manuel), Journal of Applied Social Psychology (2003)

The intergroup contact hypothesis holds that proximate, cooperative interactions on an equalized basis between Blacks...



There's No Race on the Playing Field: Perceptions of Racial Discimination Among White and Black Athletes (with Tony N. Brown, James S. Jackson, Robert M. Sellers, Shelley Keiper, and Warde J. Manuel), Journal of Sport & Social Issues (2003)


Contemporary Immigration Policy Orientations Among Dominant- Group Members in Western Europe (with James S. Jackson, Tony N. Brown, and Bryant Marks), Journal of Social Issues (2001)


Coloured and Black Relations in South Africa: The Burden of Racial Hierarchy, Macalester International: After Apartheid : South Africa in the new century (2000)


Being Black and Feeling Blue: The Mental Health Consequences of Racial Discimination (with Tony N. Brown, David R. Williams, James S. Jackson, Harold W. Neighbors, Myriam Torres, and Sherrill L. Sellers), Race and Society (2000)

Contributions to Books


The Power of Perception: Skin Tone Bias and Psychological Well-Being for Black Americans, Racial identity in context: The legacy of Kenneth B. Clark. Decade of behavior. (2004)

Drawing from research suggesting that perceiving skin tone bias can entail negative observations about one's...



Skin Tone and Racial Identity Among African Americans: A Theoretical and Research Framework (with G. Ward, T. Lightbourn, and J. Jackson), Advances in African American Psychology: Theory, Paradigms and Research (1999)


International Perspectives on Prejudice and Racism (with J. Jackon and D. Kirby), Confronting Racism: The Problem and the Response (1998)

Book Reviews


Review of: Black Demons: the Media's Depiction of the African American Male Criminal Stereotype, by D. Rome, Journal of Black Psychology (2006)

Reviews the book, Black demons: The media's depiction of the African American male criminal stereotype...