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Self-reflective management learning: Toward an autoethnographic approach

Regina E. Gockel
Ken W. Parry


This research uses autoethnography within a business/management context. The first author explains her experiences in attempting to research leadership and innovation in her organisational setting. She proposes that the research framework is best derived from a methodology that enables an analysis of the lived experiences of the researcher as subject. She greets the reader through the narrative genre that tangibly illustrates the research paradigm she proposed and engages in. By co-constructing the autoethnography, the validity of the research is enhanced. It is proposed that the affective impact of the writing and of the reading of autoethnography is at least as effective as is the cognitive impact of mainstream objectivist organisational research into business and management.

© Copyright Regina E. Gockel & Ken W. Parry, 2004

Suggested Citation

Regina E. Gockel and Ken W. Parry. "Self-reflective management learning: Toward an autoethnographic approach" Paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) 18th annual conference. Dunedin, New Zealand. Dec. 2004.