Kuwata'’s research uses computational chemistry to unravel the mechanisms of
reactions in the atmosphere, with a particular interest in studying the role of ozone in
the production of OH radicals. 

He is a physical and analytical chemist with a background in laser spectroscopy and
atmospheric chemistry. 

EDUCATION: B.S., Harvey Mudd College Ph.D., California Institute of Technology 

Kuwata has been teaching at Macalester since 2000. 

Journal Articles


Developing a Regional Computational Chemistry Consortium Through Undergraduate Research Conferences (with Daniela Kohen, Brent Krueger, and William F. Polik), CUR Quarterly (2012)


Generation of Singlet Oxygen from Fragmentation of Monoactivated 1,1-Dihydroperoxides (with Jiliang Hang, Prasanta Ghorai, Solaire A. Finkenstaedt-Quinn, Ilhan Findik, Emily Sliz, and Patrick H. Dussault), Journal of Organic Chemistry (2012)


Hyperfine Structure in the Electronic Spectrum of TaS (with Andrew J. Bendelsmith and Thomas D. Varberg), Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy (2012)


Quantum Chemical Modeling of Atmospheric Free Radical Production from Vinyl Hydroperoxides, 248th National Meeting, American Chemical Society, Division of Environmental Chemistry (2014)