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The management of persistent pain in older persons

B. Ferrell
D. Casarett
J. Epplin
P. Fine
F. M. Gloth
Keela Herr, University of Iowa
P. Katz
F. Keefe
P. J. S. Koo
M. O'Grady
P. Szwabo
A. H. Vallerand
D. Weiner

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B. Ferrell, D. Casarett, J. Epplin, P. Fine, F. M. Gloth, Keela Herr, P. Katz, F. Keefe, P. J. S. Koo, M. O'Grady, P. Szwabo, A. H. Vallerand, and D. Weiner. "The management of persistent pain in older persons" Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 50 (2002): S205-S224.
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