Dr Kathryn Taffs BA(Hons)(Adel) PhD(Adel) 

Kathryn is a senior lecturer in the School of Environment, Science and Engineering. She
teaches at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and actively researches in the fields of
palaeoecology and conservation biology. 

Kathryn's research focuses on the study of changes in wetland biota and the
environment over time. Using palaeolimnological techniques wetland studies can be
extended with the further dimension of geologic time. Management of wetland environments
is dependent upon an understanding of how an ecosystem has responded to climate and human
induced changes in the past. With an understanding of past wetland dynamics, realistic
remediation targets for ecosystem rehabilitation can be established and incorporated into
management plans. 

Kathryn's research concentrates on the use of pollen and diatom microfossils in
addition to stable isotopes to reconstruct the environmental history of wetland
ecosystems and estuaries over time. Projects are underway on coastal environments of
eastern Australia and vary from coastal lakes and ICOLLS to large estuaries. Some
specific projects in progress are: 

* the history of eutrophication of ICOLLS in eastern Australia 

* the environmental history of eastern Australian estuaries with emphasis on

* the establishment of a diatom based calibration set for coastal eastern Australia 

All projects investigate the history of wetland ecosystems and aim to improve the
ecosystem health and stability by setting realistic remediation targets that can be
incorporated into conservation strategies. Existing projects vary from the establishment
and description of estuarine algal communities to incorporation of this data in
palaeolimnological reconstructions. Other projects examine environmental degradation and
recovery in lake and estuaries of the east coast of Australia. 

Journal articles


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Book chapters


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Conference publications

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