The Effects of Multiple External Mandates on Curriculum, Pedagogy and Child Activity in the Preschool Classroom, Open Access Dissertations (2011)

Within the last decade, the pressures of implementing state mandated early learning guidelines and meeting...



Froebel's Legacy, unpublished (2001)

When Froebel was growing up in the late eighteenth century, young children under the age...



The Midwife Vrs the Vroedvrouw-The Troubled History of Midwifery In The United States As Compared to the Stability of Midwifery In The Netherlands., unpublished (1996)

The struggle for midwifery has been a long and arduous journey in the United States....


Unpublished Papers


The Mini Golf Project (2005)

The Mini Golf Project was a collaboration between the preschoolers and the teachers at a...



Kindergartners Perception of the Classroom Computer (2003)

Computers have an overwhelming influence in the school and home environment. Computers are available in...