Dr. Kathie Carwile Morgan has been a Professor at Liberty University since 1993. Her
undergraduate degree was earned in Elementary Education at Liberty University After
several years of teaching in both public and Christian schools, she continued her
education at the University of Virginia earning a Master's Degree in Elementary
Education and becoming a Reading Specialist. Dr. Morgan culminated her educational
studies at the University of Virginia, earning a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction
with adjunct areas of Administration and Gifted Education. She holds a postgraduate
professional license from the Virginia Department of Education endorsing her to teach
elementary/middle school grades four through seven and as a Reading Specialist. 

Dr. Morgan served as the Chairman of the School of Education for four years and currently
teaches Language Arts in the School of Education for the undergraduate division and
Reading, Language Arts, Curriculum, Educational Philosophy, and Gifted Classes in the
Graduate School of Education. Dr. Morgan brings a wealth of experience to her classes,
having taught at every grade level kindergarten through twelfth grade. 



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