Katherine Rowe (Ph.D., Harvard) teaches and writes about literature and media
change. Trained as a scholar of Renaissance drama, she turned her attention to questions
of media history and adaptation. Her courses explore the history of reading, writing and
performance, from the Renaissance to the digital age. A recipient of grants from the NEH,
the Mellon Foundation, and the PA Department of Education that support her work in media
history, Prof. Rowe is a member of the editorial board of Shakespeare Quarterly and
Associate Editor (responsible for the online edition) of The Cambridge World Shakespeare
Encyclopedia. Rowe currently serves on the Association of Departments of English
Executive Committee and has contributed to several MLA initiatives including the MLA Ad
Hoc Committee on the Structure of the Annual Convention. She has longstanding interests
in faculty development, undergraduate research, and curricular innovation. 

Self-archive of published works


Keywords for Open Peer Review (with Kathleen Fitzpatrick), Logos: The Journal of the World Book Community (2010)


Keywords for Open Peer Review (with Kathleen Fitzpatrick), LOGOS: The Journal of the World Book Community (2010)


New Wave Shakespeare on Screen (with Thomas Cartelli) (2007)

The past fifteen years have witnessed a diverse group of experiments in 'staging' Shakespeare on...



Reading the Early Modern Passions: Essays in the Cultural History of Emotion (with Gail Kern Paster and Mary Floyd-Wilson) (2004)

How translatable is the language of the emotions across cultures and time? What connotations of...