Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models & Experiments (2015)

A curated collection of downloadable, reusable, and remixable pedagogical resources currently under contract with the...



Forget Me Not: The Rise of the British Literary Annual, 1823–1835 (2015)

By November 1822, the British reading public had already voraciously consumed both Walter Scott’s expensive...

Gothic Short Stories in British Literary Annuals (2012)

Since the annuals provide a vast amount of literature relevant to both the Romantic and...


Digital Work


Blog Posts for, Fairmatter, Norton Publishers (2012)

Bi-Monthly Blog posts for Norton Publishers 2012-2014



Forget Me Not: A Hypertextual Archive of Ackermann’s Nineteenth-Century Literary Annual", The Poetess Archive (2005)

Welcome to "Forget Me Not: A Hypertextual Archive of Ackermann's 19th-Century Literary Annual." I have...




Play, Collaborate, Break, Build, Share: “Screwing Around” in Digital Pedagogy, Polymath: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Journal (2013)

Digital Humanities has become a “hot” topic in academia over the last few years, primarily...



Literary Annual, The Encyclopedia of Romantic Literature (2012)


Rudolph Ackermann, The Encyclopedia of Romantic Literature (2012)


Borrowing, Altering and Perfecting the Literary Annual Form – or What It is Not: Emblems, Almanacs, Pocket-books, Albums, Scrapbooks and Gifts Books, The Poetess Archive Journal (2007)

This essay discusses how the form of the literary annual emerges in early nineteenth-century England,...

Feminizing the Textual Body: Women and their Literary Annuals in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America (2005)

Contributions to Books


[Digital] Archive, Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media & Textuality (2014)

The study of what is collectively labeled "New Media"—the cultural and artistic practices made possible...



A. Bristow and The Maniac: A Bio-Critical Essay, Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period (2009)