Professor Klare focuses on labor and employment law and legal theory, fields in
which he has written and lectured extensively. In 1993, he was named Matthews
Distinguished University Professor, one of Northeastern's highest honors. He has
taught as a visitor at the universities of British Columbia, Michigan, Toronto and Cape
Town, and held a senior Fulbright chair at the European University Institute in Florence,

During the 1960s, Professor Klare participated in the civil rights, antiwar and student
movements. His activism and writing now focus on workplace issues and human rights. In
recent years, he has worked on numerous projects with lawyers in South Africa. He is
coordinator of the International Network on Transformative Employment and Labor Law



Teaching Local 1330: reflections on critical legal pedagogy, School of Law Faculty Publications (2011)

In the Steelworkers Local 1330 v. U. S. Steel Corporation case, workers attempted to prevent...



Transformative constitutionalism and the common and customary law (with Dennis M. Davis), School of Law Faculty Publications (2010)

A basic assumption of the Constitution, which finds expression in its ‘development clauses’ (ss 8(3)...



Legal subsidiarity and constitutional rights: a reply to AJ van der Walt, School of Law Faculty Publications (2008)

In South African constitutional jurisprudence, “legal subsidiarity” is a theory of the appropriate relationship between...



The politics of Duncan Kennedy's Critique, School of Law Faculty Publications (2001)