Famigration (Fam Imm): The Next Frontier in Immigration Law, Virginia Law Review Online (2014)

The recently published article, Immigration’s Family Values by Professor Kerry Abrams and R. Kent Piacenti,...



Removing Citizens: Parenthood, Immigration Courts, and Derivative Citizenship, Georgetown Immigration Law Journal (forthcoming) (2014)

As a creature of administrative law, Congress has set forth clear, statutory definitions of “parent,”...



Parens Patri[Archy]: Adoption, Eugenics, and Same-Sex Couples, California Western Law Review (2003)

Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, and Utah have laws or regulations prohibiting gay men, lesbian women, same-sex...


Ninth Circuit Appellate Project


Ninth Circuit Clinic Wins Recognition for Innovation (2014)

ear after arriving at Boston College Law School in 2012, Professor Kari Hong, who had...



May It Please the Court, Boston College Law School Magazine (2014)

In a real federal appeals court,in real time, four students endure judges’ withering questions but...



Garcia v. Holder, 749 F.3d 785 (9th Cir. 2014) (supervised law students Marija Ozolins '14 and Mackenzie Houck '14) (2014)

Substantial evidence supported adverse credibility finding for domestic violence victim from the Dominican Republic who...



Jara-Arellano v. Holder, No. 12-73779, 2014 WL 1395731 (9th Cir. Apr. 11, 2014) (supervised law students David Kete '14 and Andrew Trombly '14) (2014)

Defense counsel’s stipulations that Mr. Jara’s prior convictions constituted particularly serious crimes were not binding...




Appeals Court Overturns Sex-Change For Kosilek, Greater Boston, WGBH News (2014)

Professor Hong discusses the 1st Circuit's decision to overturn a lower court's ruling in the...



It's Time To Get Rid Of Grand Juries, Boston Globe (2014)

This editorial explains that half of the states use preliminary hearings instead of grand juries...



Judging Grand Juries: Should We Do Away With Them?, Greater Boston, WGBH News (2014)

Grand juries are inherently one-sided and shrouded in secrecy. They often listen to weeks of...



Time To Abolish Grand Juries? Boston College Law Professor Kari Hong Is In Studio, NightSide with Dan Rea, WBZ NewsRadio 1030 (2014)

The decision made by the Ferguson grand jury not to indict the officer who shot...



Quoted in "Conservatives, states set to launch legal blitz against Obama over immigration", Reuters (2014)

Commenting on the cognizability of Sheriff Arpaio's lawsuit challenging the authority of President Obama's executive...



Quoted in "Obama announces plan to ease deportation threat for 5 million immigrants", Chicago Tribune (2014)

In a disagreement with John Yoo, contending that President Obama has full legal and constitutional...



Quoted in "Analysis: Kim Secured 'Extraordinary' Bargain, Experts Say", Harvard Crimson (2014)

Quoted in the Harvard Crimson, discussing legal issues arising from the deferral of prosecution agreement...

Comment on the Humanitarian Crisis Arising From the Unaccompanied Minors Who Are Crossing the Border, New England Cable News, Morning Show (2014)

Appeared on the Morning Show of the New England Cable Network, commenting on Gov. Patrick's...

Comment on the Immigration Status of Khairullozhon Matanov, New England Cable News (2014)

Appeared on New England Cable Network, commenting on the immigration consequences that Khairullozhon Matanov (the...



Quoted in "Bomb-Threat Suspect Still Awaiting Indictment Four Months after Arrest, Harvard Crimson (2014)

Quoted in the Harvard Crimson, discussing legal issues arising from the indictment for the Harvard...



Panelist, presenting "The Liberal State Interest in Marriage," Future of Marriage panel, Family & Juvenile Law Section, AALS Annual Conference (2015)
Speaker, Webinar: "Talking to Receiving Communities about Administrative Relief: Tips for Effective and Positive Messaging on Administrative Relief", Welcoming America (2014)

Two weeks ago, President Obama announced a plan for administrative relief. This webinar will cover...

The Enduring State Interest in Marriage, Washington & Lee University School of Law (2014)
Rape As Theft: Rethinking Accidental Rapes and the Intangible Property Interest in Intimacy, Gender and the Law Seminar, Boston University Law School (2013)

Also presented in September 2014 in the Gender and Law Seminar at Boston University Law...

Removing Citizens: Parenthood, Immigration Courts, and Derivative Citizenship, Emerging Immigration Law Scholars and Teachers Conference (2013)
Moderator, Culture Shock, Boston College Law School (2013)
Speaker, Lambda Annual Dinner, Boston College Law School (2013)
Ninth Circuit Update, Southern California AILA Chapter Meeting (2010)
Developments in Asylum Law, AILA Northwest Regional Immigration Law Conference (2009)
Crimes & Misdemeanors - Their Impact on Your Employee's Immigration Status, American Council on International Personnel (2008)
Difficult Issues Arising During the Representation of Children, AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law (2008)
AILF Litigation Panel: Litigation Strategies and Practice Tips, 20th Annual AILA California Chapters Conference (2007)
Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions: An Overview of the Basics, American Immigration Lawyers Association (2007)
Cutting Edge Asylum: Defining Social Groups, AILA Annual Conference on Immigration Law (2007)

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