From July 1st, 2013, I will be a Tutorial Fellow at Somerville College and a
Lecturer in the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University. 

I received my PhD from the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University, where I wrote
a dissertation titled “Aristotle’s Theory of Decision (prohairesis)” under the
supervision of Terry Irwin (2006). 

I came to Western University as an Assistant Professor in the fall of 2005, and was
tenured and promoted to Associate Professor in July 2012. I spent the 2012-13 academic
year on sabbatical leave in Oxford, where I was elected Visiting Scholar at Corpus
Christi College in Michaelmas term. I have also been affiliated with St. Catherine's
College. In the 2007/8 academic year, I held a Lectureship in the Faculty of Philosophy
at Cambridge University and a Fellowship at Trinity College, Cambridge. 

My research has centered on questions at the intersection of Aristotle’s ethics and moral
psychology. Recent publications include “Deliberation as Inquiry: Aristotle’s Alternative
to the Presumption of Open Alternatives”, Philosophical Review (2011), "Dirtying
Aristotle's Hands? The Analysis of Mixed Acts in Nicomachean Ethics III, 1",
Phronesis (2007), and "The Private Parts of Animals – Aristotle on the Teleology of
Sexual Difference", Phronesis (2008). I recently completed a paper titled “The Will
– Origin of the Notion in Aristotle’s Thought”, for a special issue of the journal
Antiquorum Philosophia. I here question Michael Frede’s rationale for denying that
Aristotle has a notion of the will in his posthumously published Sather Lectures, A Free
Will: Origins of the Notion in Ancient Thought (Berkeley: University of California Press,
2011). My paper “The Nicomachean Ethics in Hellenistic Philosophy” has just appeared in
Jon Miller (ed.), The Reception of Aristotle’s Ethics (Cambridge: Cambridge University
Press, 2013). A review of the volume can be found here: . "Aristotle on
Principles in Ethics" will be published in a volume of papers I am editing with my
colleague at Western, Devin Henry, titled Bridging the Gap between Aristotle's
Science and Ethics. The volume is under contract with Cambridge University Press. 

I am currently completing a monograph that examines Aristotle’s theory of practical
reason and rational motivation. It is tentatively titled Aristotle’s Theory of Decision
and its Legacy. 

In October 2011, I organized the conference "Friendship in the Aristotelian
Tradition" with my Ph.D. student Kristina Biniek. You can find a program in the
links listed in the right-hand column. We hope to publish a collection of papers based on
the conference. 

My work was briefly but joyfully interrupted by the birth of my daughter Noor Andrea on
February 17, 2008. Noor’s current playtime interests range from Plato to Play-Doh – the
first exclusively as sketching paper, the second because it is the ultimate,
undifferentiated stuff for the ultimate, Platonic demiurge. 

Before arriving at Cornell on a Fulbright Fellowship in 2000, I was a lecturer in the
Department of Philosophy at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in my
native city Trondheim, where I also earned a Cand. mag. degree (B.A.-equivalent) and a
Cand. philol. degree (M.A.- equivalent) in the late 90’s. Trondheim is a beautiful
Medieval city at 63,4º North. In Canada, that is equivalent to the latitude of Iqaluit,
Nunavut (so, north of the Hudson Bay), though unlike Iqaluit, Trondheim benefits from the
balmy Gulf Stream. It is a pleasant place, if a little dark in winter. 

Forthcoming Publications

Aristotle on Economy and Private Property, The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle Politics (2013)


Aristotle on Principles in Ethics, Bridging the Gap between Aristotle's Science and Ethics (2012)



The Nicomachean Ethics in Hellenistic Philosophy – A Hidden Treasure?, in Miller (ed), The Reception of Aristotle's Ethics, Cambridge University Press (2012) (2013)

Forthcoming Book

Book Chapters


Did Plato Articulate the Achilles Argument?, The Achilles of Rationalist Psychology (2008)

Against Better Judgment? Davidson and Aristotle on Weakness of Will, I et filosofisk terreng, Festskrift til Sverre Sløgedal (2000)



A Brief History of the Soul, Notre Dame Philosophical Review (2012)


The Brute Within: Appetitive Desire in Plato and Aristotle (review), Journal of the History of Philosophy (2008)