Dr. Karen Tobias is a Professor of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery and
board-certified surgeon at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.
She received her DVM in 1985 from University of Illinois and completed an internship in
Small Animal Medicine and Surgery at Purdue University in 1986 and a Small Animal Surgery
residency and Master’s Degree at The Ohio State University in 1989. 

Dr. Tobias has published over 100 scientific articles and book chapters and is known
nationally and internationally for her work on portosystemic shunts in dogs. She is the
author of the Manual of Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery (Wiley/Blackwell, 2010);
co-editor of Tobias and Johnston: Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal (Elsevier/Saunders,
2012); and co-author of Paterson and Tobias Atlas of Ear Diseases of the Dog and Cat
(Wiley/Blackwell, 2013). 



Urethral Prolapse in Dogs: A Retrospective Study (with J G. Carr and L Smith), Veterinary Surgery (2014)


To evaluate the signalment, clinical signs, treatment, and outcome of dogs with urethral prolapse...



Evaluation of a semiquantitative SNAP test for measurement of bile acids in dogs (with Rachel L. Seibert, Ann Reed, and Karl R. Snyder), PeerJ (2014)

Background. Serum bile acids (SBA) are used as a routine screening tool of liver function...



Modified proximal perineal urethrostomy technique for treatment of urethral stricture in goats (with Sarel R. van Amstel), Veterinary Surgery (2013)

OBJECTIVE: To report a modified procedure for perineal urethrostomy (PU) in goats. STUDY DESIGN: Case...



Protein C Activity in Dogs: Adaptation of a Commercial Human Colorimetric Assay and Evaluation of Effects of Storage Time and Temperature (with Michael M. Fry, Karl R. Snyder, Baye G. Williamson, and Ann Reed), Veterinary Medicine International (2011)

Objectives of this study were to adapt a commercial human protein C (PC) colorimetric assay...



Head and neck swelling due to a circumferential cicatricial scar in a dog (with Hans Westermeyer and Danielle Reel), Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association (2009)

A 4-year-old, castrated male, mixed-breed dog was evaluated because of progressive head swelling, exercise intolerance,...



Atlas of Ear Diseases in the Dog and Cat (with Sue Patterson) (2013)

Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal (with Spencer A. Johnston) (2012)

Contributions to Books

Portosystemic Vascular Anomalies, Mechanisms of Disease in Small Animal Surgery (2010)