As Digital Publishing Project Manager at University of Michigan Library, Mr. McGlone
manages a suite of projects, work, and relationships for Digital Publishing Production
team, a part of MPublishing responsible for journal production and publication, ACLS
Humanities E-Book backlist conversion, and University Press backlist conversion and
ingest into Hathi Trust, among many other digital projects. 

His research interests include library-based publishing, open-access, institutional
repositories, and digital preservation. 



Taking Collective Action: Collaborative Strategies for Growing Your Institution's Repository, Library Scholarly Publications (2011)

For over a decade library literature has championed the benefits of open access institutional repositories....



Roadmap to Success: Scholarly Communications at Wayne State University (with Suzan A. Alteri), Library Scholarly Publications (2011)

Despite the role of libraries in the open access movement, many librarians still need education...



Choosing and Using DigitalCommons@WSU: Preserving Wayne State University's Scholarly Output, Library Scholarly Publications (2011)

Presentation on Wayne State University's (WSU) open access repository, DigitalCommons@WSU. Shares WSU Library System's current...



After Digitization: Tools and Ideas for Improving Digital Collection Services (with Adrienne Aluzzo), Library Scholarly Publications (2010)

Turning the attention of librarians and technologists away from digitization and implementation of digital projects,...



DLO to Go: Fostering Instructional Use of New Media (with Sandra G. Yee, Nardina N. Mein, and Joshua Neds-Fox), Library Scholarly Publications (2010)

In partnership with Michigan cultural institutions, and state and national funding agencies including the Institute...




Digital Commons@WSU Policy, Digital Commons Information (2009)

Policy document outlining what types and formats of content can be deposited into Digital Commons@Wayne...




Digital Learning and Development Environment: NEH White Paper (with Nardina N. Mein, Julie Klein, Adrienne Aluzzo, Anne-Marie Armstrong, Matthew Decker, and Joshua Neds-Fox), Library Scholarly Publications (2009)

Wayne State University’s Digital Learning and Development Environment was a research and development project aimed...