Bachelor of Human Movement Studies (Honours) - Southern Cross University, Lismore 

Bachelor of Health Science - Griffith University, Gold Coast 

Ph.D. (Exercise Science)- Griffith University, Gold Coast 

Associate Professor Justin Keogh originally trained as an exercise and sports scientist
with a strong research and translation interest in the benefits of exercise, particularly
resistance training in improving muscular function and athletic performance. This
research has focused on power sports such as powerlifting, rugby, sprinting, golf and
more recently strongman. His clinical research is focused on quantifying the treatment-
and sacropenic-related side-effects in cancer survivors and older adults, respectively.
This research is now focusing on those living in residential aged care or those with
prostate cancer; and in using exercise and nutritional interventions to improve their
health, physical function and quality of life. Since 2008, he has led projects examining
the barriers, facilitators and motives that cancer survivors and older adults have in
performing physical activity and how being physical activity is considered important in
their everyday lives. Such research has involved quantitative and qualitative components.

Cancer and Physical Activity

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Older Adults and Physical Activity

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Exercise and Sports Biomechanics

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No subject area

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