Bachelor of Human Movement Studies (Honours) - Southern Cross University, Lismore 

Bachelor of Health Science - Griffith University, Gold Coast 

Ph.D. (Exercise Science)- Griffith University, Gold Coast 

Dr Keogh's research focuses on understanding the acute stresses, and the chronic
adaptations resulting from a range of physical activities, particularly resistance
training and more recently dance and acquatic exercise. His research focuses on these two
areas for both athletic populations and for older adults, where both general and specific
therapeutic physical activity may have differing effects and various motives and barriers
to continual participation. His sports science research has concentrated on activities
such as rugby union, powerlifting, sprinting and golf, with a new emphasis being the
sport of strongman. His research involving older adults has focused on community-dwelling
elders as well as those with chronic conditions especially cancer. The older adult
research has focused on understanding the causes of the age-related decline in upper limb
fine-motor control, the benefits of resistance training, dancing etc for improving
physical function and quality of life as well as barriers and motives to physical

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