BBus BPsych(Hons) MCouns PhD 

Dr Craig is the Co-Director of the Australian Centre for Family Business (ACFB) at Bond
University in Australia where he is also an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and
Family Business. His PhD in Behavioural Science, Masters Degree in Counselling and
Psychology Honours Degree all explored challenges faced by individuals involved in either
a current or future ownership capacity in a family-controlled business. His subsequent
family business and entrepreneurship research, which has examined a wide range of topics
including individual valued outcomes that drive behaviour, transgenerational
entrepreneurship, strategy, innovation, governance, public policy, branding, and
managerial attitudes towards the natural environment, has appeared in leading
international academic journals. He leads the entrepreneurship and family business group
of scholars and instructors at Bond University and teaches subjects at undergraduate and
graduate levels. Dr Craig has also jointly developed Bond University’s Executive MBA in
Family Business and is engaged with the family business practitioner community through
his work with Family Business Australia (FBA), where he has jointly developed and
delivers the FBA Family Business Directors’ Course and the Strategic Planning for Family
Business Leaders Course. Dr Craig serves as an Associate Editor of the leading family
business journal, Family Business Review (FBR), and on the editorial board of the Journal
of Family Business Strategy (JFBS) and Journal of Management and Organizations (JMO) as
well as on the global board of the Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship
Practices (STEP) international research project. He works with the family business
advisor community, primarily BDO and KPMG, in various research and skills development
capacities in Australia and New Zealand. Dr Craig restricts his consulting activity to
working with a select group of family businesses in the ACFB Learning Community


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Drawing upon the corporate social responsibility literature, we investigate the moderating effects of the natural...


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This book, a Centenary of Federation celebration project, contains many Queensland family business stories that...


Book Chapters

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To demonstrate the potential of stewardship behavior in the governance of family businesses, we introduce...


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This chapter documents the challenges that entrepreneurial family businesses
face in gaining legitimacy in a new...


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In this chapter, we introduce the idea of learning entrepreneurship by
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This chapter provides evidence of the positive benefits associated with adopting an international study tour...


Conference Papers

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Drawing from the agency and stewardship theory literature, this conceptual work explores the role of...


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We examine governance systems within the contexts of family and non-family owned firms. Specifically, we...



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To overcome stewardship theory’s liability of newness, we introduce a validated and reliable measure for...



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This research investigated the causes of behavioural difficulties among family businessers in two studies. Study...