Journal articles


Turning dreams into nightmares and nightmares into dreams (with Glenn Woods), Borderlands (2008)

Indigenous peoples of Australia have always had laws, processes and procedures that address, govern and...



Trauma trails, recreating song lines: the transgenerational effects of trauma in indigenous Australia, (2002)

Providing a ground-breaking answer to the questions of how to solve the problems of cross-generational...


Book chapters

Trauma transgenerational transfer and effects on community wellbeing (with Jeffrey Nelson and Caroline Atkinson), Working together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health and wellbeing principles and practice (2010)

Finding our relatedness stories: psychology and Indigenous healing practice, Psychology and Indigenous Australians: effective teaching and practice (2008)

Intimate partner abuse and Indigenous peoples, Intimate partner abuse and health professionals: new approaches to domestic violence (2006)

The extent of violence in Indigenous Australia, and similarities in the experiences of violence in...




Drug use in the family: impacts and implications (with Sharon Dawe, Sally Frye, David Best, Derran Moss, Chris Evans, Mark Lynch, and Paul Harnett), (2007)