Prof. Judith Rypma, master faculty specialist, teaches courses in mythology,
folklore, world literature, and literature for children and adolescents. She has offered
recent seminars (ENG5820: Studies in Children's Literature) in Witches in
Literature; Folk Literature, and Medievalism in Children's Literature. Her research
areas include the folklore of mineralogy; Slavic myths and tales; Russian literature and
culture, and poetry for young people. After a career as a travel journalist, Rypma earned
an M.F.A. in creative writing at WMU. Her poetry and short stories appear frequently in
literary journals. The latest of her four short collections of poems, Forget-Me-Not, was
released by Finishing Line Press in 2011. An earlier chapbook, Rapunzel's Hair,
centers around contemporary responses to traditional fairy tales and won the All Nations
Press Chapbook Contest. Rypma sits on WMU's Faculty Senate Executive Board, and has
served on various University committees, including the International Studies Council and
Professional Concerns Committee. As a board member of the Kalamazoo-Pushkin Partnership,
she also directs the academic portion of the Russian Festival, held annually on
WMU's campus. 


Forget-Me-Not (2011)

Mineral Treasures (2005)

Holy Rocks (2004)

Recent Poems


Place of Wood, Colere (2011)


Cherry Orchards, Plainsongs (2010)


That Old Black and White Picture, Regarding Arts & Letters (2010)


My Gingerbread House, Pinyon (2010)


Panning, Concho River Review (2010)

Recent Papers and Presentations

Warping History: American Portrayals of Anastasia Romanov and the Russian Revolution in Youth Media & Texts, American Culture Association/Southwest Texas Popular Culture Association (2011)

Crafting Poetic Gems, Michigan Reading Association (2011)

Pictorial & Cultural Depictions of Baba Yaga, Russian Studies Conference (2010)

Mythic and Folkloric Motifs in Youth Holocaust Fiction, Southwest/Texas Popular Culture Association (2010)

Legends of the Fabergé Eggs, Kalamazoo-Pushkin Russian Festival (2009)