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This article focuses on three current professionalism challenges in the U.S. legal profession: (i) the...



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In his 1994 seminal article on Federalizing Legal Ethics, Prof. Fred Zacharias examined the need...



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The rapidly expanding Chinese legal profession provides an extraordinary opportunity for the U.S. legal profession...



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Lawyers traditionally claim that they are not morally accountable for the goals or activities of...



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Using the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) as a case study, this...



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The problem is often decried: out-of-control attorneys, opportunists, cowboys, self-dealers, and overzealous prosecutors abusing the...



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Over the last 20 years, a rich body of literature has emerged to describe the...



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The materials in this book are organized around specific problems designed to encourage and focus...

Moore's Federal Practice, The Federal Law of Attorney Conduct (with Daniel R. Coquillette) (2001)


The Federal Law of Attorney Conduct (with Daniel R. Coquillette), Daniel R. Coquillette (2001)

Contributions to Books


Law and Lawyers in the U.S.: The Hero-Villain Dichotomy, Perspectives on American Law (2013)

Lawyers in U.S. culture are often presented in either an extremely positive or extremely negative...

Civility Issues in Federal Court Practice (with Daniel R. Coquillette), The Federal Law of Attorney Conduct: Court Practice (2009)

(Moore's Federal Practice. 3rd. ed., vol. 30)



Toward an Ecclesiastical Professional Ethic: Lessons from the Legal Profession (with Daniel R. Coquillette), Church Ethics And Its Organizational Context: Learning from the Sex Abuse Scandal in the Catholic Church (2006)

As the Catholic Church struggles with the aftermath of the clergy sexual abuse crisis, some...

The Power and Limits of Legal Naming: A Case Study of 'Battered Woman Syndrome', The Eyes of Justice: Round Table on Law and Semiotics (1994)

Selected Professional Activities

US Judicial and Legal Profession: Roles and Regulation, Harvard Kennedy School Vietnam Executive Leadership Program (VELP) (2015)
The Changing Role of Lawyers in American Society, Renmin University School of Law (2015)

Also presented at the Osher LIfelong Learning Institute at Brandeis University on March 19, 2015.

Panelist: Identity and Employment, Religiously Affiliated Law Schools Conference 2014, St. Thomas Law School (2014)
Civility and Professionalism at the Bar: The Heritage and Challenge Today, Rhode Island St. Thomas More Society Annual Meeting (2014)
Panelist: Faith & Professional Ethics, Faith in the Legal Workplace Forum, Harvard Law School (2014)
Law Professors of the Future: A New Balance of Teaching, Scholarship and Service?, Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting (2014)
Interactive Teaching Methods Workshop, China University of Political Science & Law (2013)
Teaching Legal Ethics in China, American Bar Association Rule of Law Conference (2013)

Both legal education and the legal services sector is growing rapidly in China, putting increasing...

Civility: Multi-Tiered Strategies for Litigation Ethics, U.S. District Court Bench and Bar Conference, U.S. District Court of Massachusetts (2012)
Ethical Issues in Labor Arbitration, 12th Annual Conference of the NE Consortium of State Labor Relations Agencies (2012)

This 90 minute presentation was designed to serve as Continuing Legal Education program for lawyers...

Lawyer Discipline in China, International Legal Ethics Conference, International Association of Legal Ethics (2012)
In Defense of the Business of Law, BC Law School Summer Brown Bag Series (2012)
Conference Chair & Introductory Remarks, ABA Professional Responsibility Conference, ABA Center for Professional Responsibility (2012)

I was chair of the Planning Committee for this conference, which draws about 400 scholars,...

Global Lawyering and Legal Education, Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers-Yeditepe Law School Conference (2012)
In Defense of the Business of Law, The Law: Business or Profession Conference, Fordham Law School - Touro Law Center (2012)
Legal Ethics in China: Reflections on the Formation of Professional Identity, Peking University School of Transnational Law (2010)

The Chinese legal profession has grown rapidly in the last 30 years. This talk discussed...

Lessons From China, The American Women's Club of Toronto (2010)
Legal Ethics in China, International Legal Ethics Conference, Stanford Univeristy School of Law (2010)
Member of the “Law Professor Misconduct” panel, American Bar Association National Conference on Professional Responsibility (2004)
Organized and moderated the “Ethics and Class Action Reform” panel, Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting (2004)
Ethical Developments, American Law Institute / American Bar Association program: Civil Practice and Litigation Techniques in Federal and State Courts (2003)
The Federal Law of Attorney Conduct, American Law Institute / American Bar Association Program: Civil Practice and Litigation Techniques in Federal and State Courts (2003)
Professional Ethics Lessons from Enron, Boston College Law School Interdisciplinary Roundtable (2002)
The Role of Shame in Regulating Attorney Conduct, Law and Society Annual Meeting (2000)