Professor Maute teaches basic and advanced courses in professional responsibility
and the law of lawyering, gender-based discrimination and feminist jurisprudence. She is
the founder and, between 2004 and 2010, the director of the University of Oklahoma’s law
student pro bono program, Students for Access to Justice (SATJ). 

Professor Maute writes and lectures extensively, with special focus on legal ethics,
legal history, contracts, and dispute resolution. She has authored over twenty
publications, with recent works in the law reviews at Fordham, Tulane, Northwestern,
Georgetown and Utah. Her recent ethics scholarship concentrates on the evolution of
lawyers' pro bono responsibilities, system design for the delivery of legal services
to under-served communities, and selection of state court judges. 

Active in national academic and professional organizations, Maute has chaired the Section
on Professional Responsibility and the Section on Women in Legal Education of the
Association of American Law Schools (AALS), has served on the Multi-State Professional
Responsibility Test-Drafting Committee, and on law school accreditation site inspection
teams for the AALS and the American Bar Association. On a local level, Maute serves on
the Oklahoma Bar Association Rules of Professional Conduct Committee, the Access to
Justice Committee, and the Standing Committee on Women in Law. 

Works in Progress

Books and Major Creative Works

Contributions to Books


Global Continental Shifts to New Governance Paradigm in Lawyer Regulation and Consumer Protection: Riding the Wave, variation reprinted in Alternative Perspectives on Lawyers and Legal Ethics : Reimagining the Profession (2011)
Sexual Misconduct, Multiple Client Conflicts and Issues in Negotiations, Litigation Ethics: Course Materials for Continuing Legal Education (2000)



Facing 21st Century Realities, Mississippi College Law Review (2013)


Discussing "English Reforms to Judicial Selection: Comparative Lessons for American States?", City Square (Online companion to the Fordham Urban Law Journal) (2012)

Book Reviews

Student Works

Continuing Legal Education Materials

Exploring Ethical Quandaries in Pro Bono Law Practice (Moderator), 31st National Conference on Professional Responsibility, American Bar Association Center for Professional Responsibility (2005)

Presentations (National and International)

Teaching Legal Ethics Using Comparative Materials (Panelist), The National Institute for Teaching Ethics and Professionalism (2011)
Change is in the Air: U.K. Legal Services Act (2007), Southern Methodist University Oxford Program (2008)
Models of Professional Regulation (Panelist), Third International Legal Ethics Conference (2008)

Presentations (Oklahoma)

The Women Lawyers Club (Panelist and Commentator), Oklahoma Bar Association Continuing Legal Education, Women in Law Committee, Litigation Section and Periaktos Productions (2007)
Legal Education and Continuous State of Partial Inattention (with Darin Fox), Faculty Lunch Presentation, University of Oklahoma College of Law (2007)
The Ballad of Willie and Lucille: Disappointed Expectations of Contract Law and of the Legal System (Lecture and World Premier), The Coats Hall Endowed Professorship Lecture Series, University of Oklahoma College of Law (2007)
Judicial Selection and Retention--State and Federal Courts (Panelist), Oklahoma Bar Association Women and Law Conference (2005)
Lawyers' Pro Bono Responsibilities, Oklahoma City Bar Association, Young Lawyers' Division (2004)

Professional Service Activities