Judith Tick, Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Music at Northeastern
University, is a leading authority on American music in general and the history of women
in music in particular. She is co-editor with Jane Bowers of the anthology Women Making
Music: The Western Art Tradition 1150-1950 (1986), a pioneering work in its field, and
the author of American Women Composers Before 1870 (1983), as well as the biography, Ruth
Crawford Seeger. A Composer’s Search for American Music (1997), which won an ASCAP Deems
Taylor Award. This book as well as her article on "Charles Ives and Gender
Ideology" also won awards from the Society for American Music. Tick also wrote the
entries on "Women and Music" for The New Grove Dictionary of American Music
(1986) and the 2001 revised edition of The New Grove Dictionary of Music. In
collaboration with the art historian Gail Levin, Tick also published Aaron Copland’s
America. A Cultural Perspective (2000). Her book, Music in the U.S.A. A Documentary
Companion, was published by Oxford University Press in 2008. 



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This article investigates the musical thought and stylistic evolution of the American modernist composer Ruth...