Dr. Joyce K. Edmonds holds a certification in public health (CPH) from the National
Board of Public Health Examiners and an advanced practice public health nurse
certification (APHN-BC) from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. 

Her research interests are in maternal health, health seeking behavior, decision-making
and social networks. Dr. Edmonds' dissertation project concerned health seeking
behavior and health care utilization decisions in childbirth. The study population was in
Matlab, Bangladesh. She conducted in-depth interviews and used data from structured
surveys to investigate the choice of birth attendant through ethnographic decision and
social network models. Outcomes of interest included use of skilled birth attendants. Her
theoretical focus is on health care decision-making and the influence of social networks
guided by the Network-Episode Model of Utilization and Compliance (Pescosolido, 1992).
Dr. Edmonds was also involved in study that examined the recognition and response to
postpartum hemorrhage using cultural consensus analysis among different groups of women
attending birth. Her current research interests concern the rising rates of cesarean
sections and the influence of culture and social norms on birth mode decisions. The goals
of her program of research are to improve maternal health outcomes through
evidenced-based decision making and community-based interventions. 



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