Laine specializes in philosophy of the mind and language. Her work encompasses
Western and Indian philosophical traditions. 

She has worked extensively in India and with traditional Indian Pandits (wise men). She
has written entries for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy on “Indian Philosophy of
Mind” and on three important Indian philosophers Vatsyayana, Vacaspati Misra and Udayana. 

Laine has been teaching at Macalester since 1987. 

EDUCATION: B.A., Hull University, U.K.; M.A., Surrey University, U.K.; Ph.D., The Open
University, Oxford, England 

Journal Articles


Realism and Essentialism in the Nyāya Darśana (with John Kronen), International Philosophical Quarterly (2012)

Contributions to Books


Elizabeth Anscombe and Ludwig Wittgenstein, An unconventional history of Western philosophy : conversations between men and women philosophers (2008)

Parallel Developments in Philosophy and Mathematics in India (with David Bressoud), UMAP/ILAP Modules 2003-2004: Tools for Teaching (2003)


Indian Philsophy of Mind, Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (1998)


Realism and Essentialism in the Nyāya Darśana (with John Kronen), Minnesota Philosophical Society (2010)