Edited Book


Hybrid language teaching and learning: Exploring theoretical, pedagogical and curricular issues (with Fernando Rubio), Heinle Cengage Learning (2013)

Hybrid language teaching and learning, also referred to as blended learning, has become an increasingly...



An ecological view of whole-class discussions in a second language literature classroom: Teacher reformulations as affordances for learning, Modern Language Journal (2014)

This article analyzes whole-class discussions between a teacher and her students in a Latin American...



Open educational resources in the United States: Insights from university foreign language directors (with Becky L. Thoms), System (2014)

This study reports the results of a survey completed by 155 university foreign language (FL)...



The future tense in Spanish L2 textbooks, Spanish in Context (2014)

This paper revisits the treatment of the expression of futurity in Spanish foreign language (FL)...



Classroom discourse in foreign language classrooms: A review of the literature, Foreign Language Annals (2012)

This article reviews studies that have investigated discourse in foreign language (FL) classroom contexts from...



Journal-based self-studies of L1 English/L2 Spanish speakers learning L3 Kichwa in Ecuador and L3 Guaraní in Paraguay, Entre Lenguas (2007)

Both Carol and Joshua, speakers of L1 English and L2 Spanish, were recently granted opportunities...


Book Chapters


Analyzing linguistic outcomes of L2 learners: Hybrid vs. traditional course contexts, Hybrid language teaching and learning: Exploring theoretical, pedagogical and curricular issues (2013)

This chapter reports on a small-scale empirical study that analyzes the speaking and writing gains...



Hybrid language teaching and learning: Looking forward, Hybrid language teaching and learning: Exploring theoretical, pedagogical and curricular issues (2013)

This introductory chapter discusses the current state of affairs in hybrid or blended second language...



Investigating foreign language graduate student instructors’ perceptions and use of technology in the classroom, Educating the future foreign language professoriate for the 21st century (2011)

This study investigates how graduate student instructors (GSIs) in several universities across the United States...



Researching the (dis)connection between literary discussions and speaking functions: A replication with intermediate learners, Lenguaje, arte, y revoluciones ayer y hoy: New approaches to hispanic linguistic, literary, and cultural studies (2011)

Responding to the call for more replication studies in the fields of second language acquisition...




Hybrid language teaching and learning: Assessing pedagogical and curricular issues, Dimension (2011)

In recent years, several economic factors have led to an increase in the number of...


Book Reviews

Review of "Language Teaching in Blended Contexts", Modern Language Journal (2013)

Review of "Investigating Classroom Discourse", Modern Language Journal (2008)


Bridging the language–literature divide via digital annotation tools., American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) (2014)

Exploring the perceived benefits and challenges of using open educational resources in foreign language programs (with Becky L. Thoms), American Association for Applied Linguistics (2014)

Implementing a Fulbright scholar program (with María Luisa Spicer-Ecalante and Jessica Lee), Utah International Higher Education Summit (2013)

Literacy-based approaches in college and high school FL courses (with Mark Darhower and Mary E. O'Donnell), American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (2013)



Teacher-initiated talk and student oral discourse in a second language literature classroom : A sociocultural analysis, Theses and Dissertations (2008)

For students studying foreign languages at the college level in the United States, developing second...