James H. House & Hiram H. Hurd Professor of Law, Emeritus, University of
California, Berkeley, School of Law. Previously taught at the University of Michigan
(1966-86)and the University of Colorado (1962-65). Counselor to the U.S. Secretary of the
Interior (1964-66). Expertise in Environmental Law, Water Law, Property Law,and Public
Land Law. Admitted to practice in Michigan, and before the U.S. Federal Circuit and U.S.
Supreme Court. Education: B.A. Harvard College (1957); J.D. University of Chicago (1959).
Honorary Doctor of Laws, Columbia University; Illinois Institute of Technology. Member of
American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Fellow at Center for Advanced Study in the
Behavioral Sciences, Stanford (1977-78. Recipient of the Blue Planet Prize (Japan, 2007);
the Elizabeth Haub Award (Belgium,Gold Medal); U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Quality Award; Wm. O. Douglas Legal Achievement Award of the Sierra Club;
National Wildlife Federation Resource Defense Award; Professional Achievement Citation,
Univ. of Chicago Alumni Assn.; Environmental Law Institute Award; University of Michigan
Press Biennial Book Award; Detroit Audubon Conservationist of the Year Award; University
of Michigan Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award; American Motors Conservation Award;
Water Education Foundation Distinguished Water Attorney Award 



The Unfinished Agenda of Environmental Law, Reprinted in 1West-Northwest: Journal of Environmental Law & Policy (U.C. Hastings) (2008)


“Kelo: A Case Rightly Decided”, 28 365 (2006)., University Hawaii Law Review (2006)


Legal Control of Water Resources (with Barton Thompson, John Leshy, and Robert Abrams) (2006)

Contributions to Books

Environmental Law, Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy (2009)

The Claim for Retention of the Public Lands, Rethinking the Public Lands (1984)