Dr Jose Anson is currently leading the economic research and analysis conducted by
the Universal Postal Union, the second oldest multilateral international institution
created in 1874 and today a United Nations' specialized agency in charge of easing
physical, financial and electronic communications and exchanges, through efficient and
universal cross-border postal and delivery services. It further stimulates cross-border
trust between the citizens and firms of the world thanks to common open standards and
best practices, enabling a sustainable development. This interoperable
"three-dimensional postal network could dramatically facilitate expansion of global
trade" says WTO head Pascal Lamy. One figure: the web of postal networks is the
largest delivery network in the world with over 660,000 post offices, 75% of which are in
the developing world. In Sub-Saharan Africa, more than 80% of postal counters are located
in small and medium-sized towns, and rural areas. Beyond their capillarity, the postal
networks are also consistently the most trusted organizations in many countries at
various stages of economic and social development. A primary goal has yet to be achieved:
more than a billion people live without an address as of 2008, most of them in growing
urban slums and dwellers. A true infrastructure challenge! 



Using Preferences to Promote LDC Exports: A Canadian Success Story? (with Marc Bacchetta and Matthias Helble), Journal of World Trade (2009)

The contribution of non–reciprocal preference schemes to least–developed countries (LDC) export performance is a topic...



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This paper provides a new approach to the evaluation of pre-shipment inspection (PSI) programs as...



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All preferential trading agreements (PTAs) short of a customs union use rules of origin (ROO)...



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Postal Economics in Developing Countries: Posts, Infrastructure of the 21st Century? (with Joelle Toledano, Laia Bosch, and Justin Caron) (2008)

This book analyzes the challenges faced by the postal infrastructure in many developing countries at...


Contributions to Books


Connecting the Unconnected in Sub-Saharan Africa: Postal Networks Can Leverage Access to Infrastructure Services, Millennium Development Goals "2007 - Review": "Foreign Aid and Private Sector Development" (2007)

With more than 80% of post offices in Sub-Saharan Africa located in small- and medium-sized...



First Steps Towards New Postal Economics Models for Developing Countries: Learning from the Latin American Experience (with Rudy Cuadra, Altamir Linhares, Guillermo Ronderos, and Joelle Toledano), Liberalization Of The Postal And Delivery Sector (2006)

Whereas a lot has been written about the postal sector in industrialized countries, there has...


PhD Dissertation Research


Intra-Industry Competition for Political Influence: An Empirical Investigation of U.S. Steel Industry Firms' Lobbying (2006)

Roll call voting at U.S. Congress has been extensively studied, but its analyses have often...



Why is Governance so Often Impaired? Conflict, Stake Asymmetry and Capture of Real Political Authority (2006)

Populares or optimates? Special interests groups compete for the acquisition and further transmission of information...




Waiting for Rowland Hill: Elements of Postal Reform in Sub-Saharan Africa (with Joelle Toledano) (2007)

A large body of theoretical literature has been recently produced about two-sided markets (e.g. Armstrong...



Economics of Public Governance with Strategic Production of Information: Four Essays (2007)

Four topics in economics of public governance with strategic production of information are covered in...



Are Posts Good for Growth? (with Joelle Toledano) (2006)

Posts are very often not considered among the key infrastructures of a country in order...