Doctor of Philosophy (Politics) - University of Adelaide 

Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Political Economy) - University of Melbourne 

Dr Jonathan H. Ping is a scholar in the fields of global political economy, international
relations and comparative politics. He is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and
received his PhD from the University of Adelaide. He specialises in the study of
statecraft. In this area he has developed the first unifying theory of the middle power
concept—hybridisation theory—as presented in his book Middle Power Statecraft. His most
recent book Chinese Engagements focuses on the great power, China. His current research
focus is on middle power statecraft theory, great power statecraft theory and a theory of
the nature of hegemony in and from Asia. Dr Ping has research affiliations with
universities globally. He is a Director of the East Asia Security Symposium and
Conference held annually at the China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing. He has worked
and undertaken research for government and non-government sectors. Dr Ping teaches
courses on Global Political Economy, Global Development and South Asia at Bond
University. He engages regularly with the public through newspaper articles, television
and radio commentary and presents at seminars and conferences. Below are the selected
works of Jonathan H. Ping. Please view the attached Curriculum Vitae to see a complete
list of his publications. 

平易(Jonathan H. Ping)博士的研究国际政治经济学、国际关系及比较政治学等几个领域。 


在这一领 域,他发展了中等强国概念的首个 统一理论——混合理论——在他的 


主要关注作为大国的中 国。他现在的研究重点是中等强国国家治理理论、大国国家治理理论、 




平博士在 澳大利亚邦德大学教授国际政治经济、全球发展及南亚等课程。他也经常在报纸 



China's relations with India’s neighbours: From threat avoidance to alternative development opportunity, Asian Journal of Political Science (2013)

China, once seen as a threat by the states of South Asia, is now viewed...



China’s strategic priorities (with Brett McCormick), China’s Strategic Priorities (2014)

Identifying the most significant new issues and problems that have arisen from China’s rapid development,...



Chinese engagements: Regional issues with global implications (with Brett McCormick) (2011)


Dr Brett McCormick and Dr Jonathan H. Ping, as co-editors, have developed the...



Middle power statecraft: Indonesia, Malaysia and the Asia-Pacific (2005)

Jonathan Ping's volume establishes a unifying theory for the concept of middle power (MP). MPs...



中等强国的治国方略:印度尼西亚、马来西亚和亚太地区 (2005)

本书对治国之道(也称国家治理)进行解读。这里进行的讨论指出了治国之道的特点;通过分析这些特点,我们可以进一步审视本书的主题—中等强国(middle powers)。研究中等强国需要了解治国之道由哪些重要的部分组成,本书指出了这些组成部分,从而为这项研究铺平了道路。


Book Chapters


导言, 中等强国的治国方略:印度尼西亚、马来西亚和亚太地区 (2012)

国际政治经济体系中存在一种国家等级结构。这个结构反映了各个国家在影响国际关系和参与国际事务机会两方面的相对优势。目前该结构分为三级:超级大国/大国、中等强国(MP)和小国。学术界对超级大国进行了大量研究,解释、扩展和论述了这些国家在国际政治经济体系中的作用。同样,小国的价值和概念也被研究的很透彻,虽然通常被视为大国的附庸。专门研究中等强国的专著却寥寥无几:这方面的研究十分有限,也比较分散。在21世 纪,学术界将继续研究国家等级,因此也必然将继续研究和理解中等强国。本书力图重拾中等强国的概念,将其作为国际关系和国际政治经济学的一个功能理论进行研究。



The Chinese development model: International development and hegemony, Chinese engagements: Regional issues with global implications (2011)


What is the appropriate role for the People’s Republic of China (PRC or China) to...



中国发展模式: 国际发展与霸权, 中国的参与:全球性的地区问题 (2011)

A globalising economy: Supraterritoriality and the distributive disparity dilemma, The globalization of world politics: Case studies from the Asia-Pacific (2011)

Conclusion (with Brett McCormick), Chinese Engagements: Regional issues with global implications (2011)


Building a globalised understanding of China is critical to the incorporation of China into the...


Popular Press


Statecraft, Australia and the future of Indonesia, Adelaidean (2000)


Indonesia is reconstructing itself. Democracy has taken hold, a free press is working...


Official Documents, Publications and Reports


Report into the role and adequacy of government funded national broadcasting, Adelaide: Select Committee, Legislative Council, The Parliament of South Australia (2005)


This subject of government funded national broadcasting is considered to be primarily a...


The banking, finance, insurance and office skills industry training plan 1999-2001 (with H. Paige, S. Jarret, M. Sullivan, and L. Heysen), Adelaide: The Public Administration Industry Training Advisory Body Secretariat, Department of Education, Training and Employment, Government of South Australia (1998)

A snapshot of Australia (with A. Delves, J. Savage, S. Beaney, G. Delves, D. Watson, D. O'Hearn, J. MacNeil, and C. Gillies), The Australia Centre, The University of Melbourne (1993)

Conferences, Seminars and Professional Forums


Myanmar in the global political economy: Development models, the West and China, Presented at the Myanmar Institute for Strategic and International Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2013)

The Republic of the Union of Myanmar is a crucial Southeast Asian / South Asian...


Myanmar’s Development in a Globalised World, Presented at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Myanmar Development Resources Institute (2013)


The Path to Harmonious Regionalism: Negotiation, Institutionalisation and Consent-based Hegemony, East Asia Security Symposium and Conference 东亚安全座谈谈论会 (2013)

Three theoretical forms of hegemony are considered in order to ascertain the most compatible form...


The Mercantilist Motive for Territorial War, East Asia Security Symposium and Conference 东亚安全座谈谈论会 (2013)

Piracy in East Asia: An Overview and Chairman’s Case Study (with Alan Chan), The Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies (2011)