Associate Professor Jon Fitzgerald BA(Qld), BMus(Qld), PhD(SCU) 

Jonathon Fitzgerald (b. 1954) is a guitarist, composer and music academic. He completed a
Bachelor of Arts at the University of Queensland in 1974, and a Bachelor of Music (First
Class Honours) in 1979. In the late 1970s and early 1980s Fitzgerald divided his time
between performance, composition, arranging, and teaching (at Downlands College,
Concordia College, Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education, and the University of
Queensland). In 1983 Fitzgerald took up a full-time position as Lecturer in Music at the
Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education in Lismore. 

During this first career phase, Fitzgerald wrote, performed and recorded numerous
compositions for guitar - either solo or in combination with other instruments or voice -
as well as pieces for string trio, jazz quartet, concert band, and choir. His String Trio
was awarded the University of Queensland's Percy Brier Memorial Prize, and he
performed and recorded his Concertino for Guitar and Orchestra with the Queensland
Symphony Orchestra. 

In the early 1990s Fitzgerald spent time in the USA conducting research towards a PhD on
the development of popular song writing. He became Senior Lecturer in popular music
theory and history at Southern Cross University in 1994, and his PhD was awarded in 1997.
Fitzgerald was appointed Associate Professor in 2001 and took on the leadership of the
Contemporary Music Program in 2003. During his career as a music academic Fitzgerald has
published numerous journal articles and book chapters on aspects of popular musicology,
and his music theory textbook Popular Music Theory and Musicianship has been widely used
within the tertiary education sector. Fitzgerald retired from SCU in 2010, but continues
his academic activity as an Adjunct Associate Professor. 

Fitzgerald’s creative activity as a composer and performer was re-invigorated in 1999
with the formation of contemporary acoustic-electric guitar trio “d’volv” (with fellow
SCU lecturers Jim Kelly and Peter Martin). The group performed original roots-based
contemporary instrumental compositions with musical influences from Spain, Ireland, Latin
America, blues and jazz. d’volv released two critically-acclaimed CDs (D’volv 2000,
Africussia 2003) and toured in Australia, South-East Asia and South Korea. Fitzgerald
began composing ‘production’ music in 2004 and he continues to write and record music for
this area. 

Journal articles


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Sean Tan and Andrew Ruhemann’s collaborative screen adaptation of Tan’s graphic short story ‘The Lost...



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Examines basic music theory concepts from a popular music perspective and it is a self-contained...


Book chapters

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Rematerialization: musical engagements with the British TV series Doctor Who (with Philip Hayward), Music in science fiction television: tuned to the future (2013)

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