John Smith DipEd(STC), MA(Syd) 

John Smith was born in Sydney but has lived on the north coast of NSW for thirty five
years. He has undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Sydney. Smith
has held more than thirty solo exhibitions and is primarily represented by Watters
Gallery, in Sydney. He has work in many public and private collections, including the
National Gallery of Australia, Queensland Art Gallery, Artbank and many regional
collections. The tension in his work oscillates between making and effacing,
simultaneously. This is the irony of ‘quietly bursting balloons,’ ‘scribbling rivalry,’
‘as easy as pulling teeth,’ ‘the look of something to say,’ and ‘smear campaign’; various
titles he uses. 

In recent years he has led a cultural heritage retrieval project interfaced with creative
arts, Fisherman’s Village, see: This project has resulted in
a number of conference papers, journal publications and a book chapter. John Smith is the
Senior Lecturer in Painting and is the Course Coordinator and Honours Coordinator in
Visual Arts at Southern Cross University. 

Creative works


The gentle breath I acrylic & mixed media on paper, 76 x 58cm, School of Arts and Social Sciences (2011)


Studio Enquiry: The ongoing thread of investigation in my work centres around mark-making...



A good book in theory : (when you kiss me), Artists' Books Collection (2005)

1 vol. : colour ; 21 cm.


Journal articles


Connecting silos: inviting art and science interactions (with Amanda Jean Reichelt-Brushett), Leonardo: Art, Science and Technology (2011)

In tertiary education in Australia there are often clear divisions between disciplines defined by hierarchy...


Contributions to Books

A eulogy for Fisherman’s Village, Halfway house: the poetics of Australian spaces (2010)

Fisherman's Village, ACUADS: Interventions in the public domain: research 09/10 (2009)

Conference publications

Booralee: the lost fishing village of Botany, Once perilous now safe: Landscapes of Exile third symposium (2006)

On the very north-western corner of Botany Bay, centered around Booralee Street in Botany is...


Booralee: the lost fishing village of Botany (Presentation), Poetics of Australian space conference (2005)


Fisherman's village: cultural heritage and a multi-layered art and information strategy, Artists, designers and creative communities: Australian Council of University Art and Design Schools (ACUADS) 2005 Conference (2005)

I would like to provide a paper that examines aspects of a cultural heritage retrieval...