Dr. John Ziker is a Professor with the Department of Anthropology. Since 1992 Dr.
Ziker has conducted field research in Siberia, mainly on the topics of indigenous land
tenure and economy. Other on-going research initiatives examine food-sharing networks and
demographics in that region. In addition to extensive research activities, Dr. Ziker has
published in a variety of journals including the Oxford Journal of Archaeology,
Anthropology News, and Ecology of Food and Nutrition. Most recently, Dr. Ziker served as
the Fulbright Visiting Chair in North American Studies at the University of Calgary.



Linking Disparate Approaches to the Study of Social Norms: An Example from Northern Siberia, Sibirica (2015)

This article examines altruistic social norms among the Dolgans and the Nganasans in Arctic Siberia,...



Resilience of Domestic Groups and Communities on the Lower Enisei River Throughout the Twentieth Century, Sibirica (2012)

This paper discusses flexibility in subsistence and exchange strategies and family and community structures in...



Changing Gender Roles and Economies in Taimyr, Anthropology of East Europe Review (2010)

This article is an inquiry into the extent to which, and how, roles of men...



Markets, Religion, Community Size, and the Evolution of Fairness and Punishment (with Joseph Henrich, Jean Ensminger, Richard McElreath, Abigail Barr, Clark Barrett, Alexander Bolyanatz, Juan Camilo Cardenas, Michael Gurven, Edwins Gwako, Natalie Henrich, Carolyn Lesorogol, Frank Marlowe, and David Tracer), Science (2010)

Large-scale societies in which strangers regularly engage in mutually beneficial transactions are puzzling. The evolutionary...



Introduction to the Special Issue on Siberian Demography (with David G. Anderson), Sibirica (2010)

This special issue of Sibirica features a selection of recent research on the demography of...




Histories from the North: Environments, Movements, and Narratives (with Florian Stammler), Faculty Authored Books (2012)

Contributions to Books


Sharing, Subsistence, and Social Norms in Northern Siberia, Experimenting with Social Norms: Fairness and Punishment in Cross-Cultural Perspective (2014)

The majority of families in Ust’-Avam in northern Siberia are dependent on subsistence hunting, fishing,...



The Fire is Our Grandfather: Virtuous Practice and Narrative in Northern Siberia, About the Hearth: Perspectives on the Home, Hearth and Household in the Circumpolar North (2013)

This chapter discusses how narratives can be used to suggest virtuous practice in an indigenous...



Environmental Change and the Sustainability of Subsistence Practices among Northern Indigenous Peoples, Environmental Change and Subsistence of Northern Peoples: Adaptation to the Changes of the Terrestrial Ecosystem (2012)


Toward an Integrated Theory of Social Norms, Histories from the North: Environments, Movements, and Narratives (2011)

The main question I am interested in exploring is how social norms are related to...


Epilogue: From Indigenous Demographics to an Indigenous Demography (with Per Axelsson, Peter Sköld, and David Anderson), Indigenous Populations and Demography: The Complex Relation between Identity and Statistics (2011)

There has always been a close association between enumeration, the classification of peoples and state...


News Items and Commentaries


Moral Lessons, Down Aisle 9, The New York Times (2010)

Editorial about article 'Markets, Religion, Community Size, and the Evolution of Fairness and Punishment' published...



‘Inequality, Demographic Health, and Social Support in Northern Siberia, Interdisciplinary Symposium - Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University (2015)

Reproductive Decision Making in Ust’-Avam, Siberia: Fertility Decline as a Response to Economic Uncertainty (with David A. Nolin), 27th Annual Conference of the Human Behavior & Evolution Society (2015)

Like many former Soviet and Eastern European countries, the Dolgan and Nganasan community of Ust’-Avam,...


Food Sharing Networks, Variation in Capital, and the Evolution of Cooperation in Siberia (with Joellie Rasmussen), 112th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (2013)

Social networks of Siberian hunter-fisher-trappers are analyzed with independent social and economic variables. The analysis...



University Television Presents: Episode 5, Fall 2013, University Television Productions (UTP), Boise State University (2013)

In this episode, Dr. John P. Ziker, chair of the Department of Anthropology at Boise...


Mobility and the Revival of Reindeer Herding among Evenki Hunters in Eastern Siberia, Russia (with Artur Kharinsky), 110th Annual Meeting, American Anthropological Association (2011)

Student Mentored Research


Time Distribution of Faculty Workload at Boise State University (with Allyanna Wintermote, David Nolin, Kathryn Demps, Matthew Genuchi, and Katie Meinhardt), College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs Presentations (2014)

This project’s first phase was to get a general idea of what the average work...



Exploring Public Participation in the Treasure Valley Preliminary Research Findings (with Brian Wampler; Susan G, Mason; and John McClellan), Susan G. Mason (2011)


Household and Property Relations in Tuva (2009)

This thesis describes the transformation of households and property relations in one of the remote...