LLB (Sydney) 

LLM (Hons 1) (British Columbia) 

Dip Jur (Sydney) 

John Wade's professional expertise and interest lies in the areas of mediation,
negotiation, family law and legal education. He was the founding joint editor of the
Legal Education Review, and was an editor of Australian De facto Relationship Reporter
(loose leaf) and Australian Family Law and Practice (loose leaf). He is also a practising

John has worked as an Associate Professor of Law at the University of Sydney; Faculty of
Law Osgoode Hall (Toronto); University of Manitoba (Winnipeg) and University of Calgary
(Alberta). He was a consultant to the Australian Law Reform Commission 1983-1987, was
Acting Dean of the Bond Law School from 1991 to 1993, was the chair of the Family Law
Council of Australia (2008-2010), and worked for many years as consultant to Hopgood
Ganim lawyers, and Jones Mitchell lawyers in Queensland. He has been a visiting professor
at Pepperdine University, Los Angeles (1994-2005), Vermont Law School (2000-2001),
Cardozo, New York (2003), SMU, Texas (2000-2010), UBC(2010-2012), Osgoode Hall (2014) and
as Law Foundation Chair at the University of Saskatchewan (2013-2014). 

He has authored over 100 articles and books, taught over 300 mediation and negotiation
courses around the world, and received awards for best law teacher at Sydney University
(1989); Bond University (1990); and in Australia (1998). 



Judicial mediation and competition for clients and government funding among dispute resolution providers, ADRIA Conference: Integrating ADR into our World (2013)

Extract: The aim of this paper is to describe “judicial mediation”—what is it?; describe the...



Matching disputes and responses - How to diagnose causes of conflict, and to respond with appropriate interventions and /or referrals, ADR Bulletin (2012)


This article addresses three broad topics from an Australian perspective. First, where is the pressure...



Marriage and Cohabitation Contracts, The National Legal Eagle (2011)


Hollywood films and movie stars sometimes mention ‘pre-nups’ or ‘marriage contracts’. What are these...



Preparing for mediation and negotiation in succession disputes, Paper to be presented at the British Columbia annual succession conference (2010)

This paper argues that a major task for lawyers in succession disputes, negotiations and mediations...



Matching disputes and responses: How to diagnose causes of conflict, and to respond with appropriate interventions and/or referrals, Paper presented at the Law Society of British Columbia's annual dispute resolution conference (2010)

This short paper will address three broad topics from an Australian perspective. Parts of this...


Book Chapters

Teaching conflict management and dispute resolution courses in Australia, Mastering mediation education (2012)

This is a chapter designed to prompt discussion among people involved in education in the...



The committee to make the students learn, Rethinking negotiation teaching: Innovation for context and culture (2009)

A Lasting Agreement (with Christopher Honeyman), The Negotiator's Fieldbook: The Desk Reference for the Experienced Negotiator (2006)

So, you finally have a deal! How can you make the deal stick? This straight-forward...


Bargaining in the Shadow of the Tribe, The Negotiator's Fieldbook: The Desk Reference for the Experienced Negotiator (2006)

The negotiations have gone on for hours or months or years. A deal is at...


Crossing the Last Gap, The Negotiator's Fieldbook: The Desk Reference for the Experienced Negotiator (2006)

It's three o'clock in the morning. You've been negotiating or mediating since 9 a.m. and...


Unpublished Papers


Ethically Ambiguous Negotiation Tactics (EANTS): What are the rules behind the rules?, Law Society of Saskatchewan CPD seminars (2014)

This paper will briefly discuss the following: • A catalogue of the EANTs in use...


Conference Papers


What do clients of mediators "want"?, Keynote paper presented at the Law society of British Columbia's annual dispute resolution conference (2010)


This title reflects a familiar marketing and ethical question for all service providers...



The procedural evolution of conflict towards litigation and implications for legal publishers, CCH conference on the future of legal publishing (2010)

This paper will summarise three topics found repetitively in the research of Professor Marc Galanter,...



Negotiating with difficult people, Law papers (2009)


This paper firstly suggests a working description of a “difficult person”; secondly, describes...




Negotiation lessons from the Book (not the film) of Exodus (2015)

Extract: The recent film “Exodus: Gods and Kings” has sparked some renewed interest in the...



Evaluative and directive mediation: All mediators give advice, Law papers (2012)

This short paper discusses:
- A working description of evaluative, advisory, challenge or directive mediation
- Degrees...



The edges of orthodoxy in mediation - You did what?, Law papers (2012)

In 2008, the American Bar Association published Final Report – Task Force on Improving Mediation...



The perils of prenuptial financial agreements in Australia: Effectiveness and professional negligence, Law papers (2012)

Legal practitioners in Australia who draft financial agreements before (s 90B; 90UB) or during a...



Teaching and learning workshop for coaches at mediation courses, Training manual for coaches in mediation training courses (2011)

The aim of this workshop is to provide a framework for a short teaching and...