John is interested in media and cultural history, communication and social theory,
and understanding communication in its broad historical, legal, philosophical, religious,
and technological context. He teaches large lecture undergraduate classes such as Core
Concepts in Communication Studies and Media and Society, and smaller undergraduate
courses such as Case Studies in Transnational Media. At the graduate level, he teaches
seminars on critical theory, the history of mass communication theory, media and
modernity, pragmatism, the public sphere, and transnational media. 



Charity and chilliness, International Journal of Cultural Studies (2011)

This article discusses the five contributions to the special issue on Roger Silverstone’s work, focusing...



Broadcasting and schizophrenia, Media, Culture & Society (2010)


Die Zurücktreibung der Medien in die Geisteswissenschaften, Zeitschrift für Kulturwissenschaften (2010)


The Liberalism of the Other, International Journal of Communication (2008)

Courting the Abyss Author John Durham Peters responds to a critical review of his bookwhich...



Contributions to Books

Preludes to a Theory of Obscenity, Obscenity and the limits of liberalism (2011)

Friedrich Kittler’s Light Shows.” Introduction to Friedrich Kittler, Optical Media: Berlin Lectures, 1999 (2010)

Friedrich Kittler‟s Light Shows, Optical Media: Berlin Lectures, 1999 (2010)

Mass Media, Critical Terms in Media Studies (2010)


Infrastructures Old and New, University of Alberta (2011)

Communication Infrastructures, Old and New, Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies (2011)

Two Cheers for Technological Determinism, Conference on Media Histories: Epistemology, Materiality, Temporality (2011)


The Oldness of New Media (2009)

22nd Annual Aubrey Fisher Lecture, Department of Communication, University of Utah. Published as pamphlet


Sinfulness, Saintliness, and Monkey-Business (2005)

Social Science Research Council. Published online (2005):