Professor Murphy has taught at universities in Aix-en-Provence, London, Mexico City,
Paris and Haifa, as well as in the United States. Additionally, he did administrative
work with the Government of India as a fellow in the Afro-Asian Public Service Fellowship
Program, which was a program sponsored by Syracuse University and the Ford Foundation. 

Professor Murphy is involved with several professional organizations. He is the
ABA's Alternate Observer at the United States Mission to the United Nations, was on
the Council of the ABA's Section of International Law and Practice from 1994-96 and
from 1999-2001 served as the Section’s International Legal Scholar, in which capacity he
serves on the Section’s Council. In addition, he was on the Executive Council of the
American Society of International Law from 1989-92 and is a honorary vice-president of
the American Branch of the International Law Association. He has served as consultant to
the Council for International Exchange of Scholars; the U.S. Department of Justice; the
United Nations Crime Prevention Unit, Vienna, Austria; the ABA Standing Committee on Law
and National Security; the U.S. Department of State; the United Nations Association of
the United States of America; the Commission on the Organization of the Government for
the Conduct of Foreign Policy; the International Task Force on Prevention of Nuclear
Terrorism; and University Microfilms International. He is a member of the Editorial
Advisory Board of The International Lawyer. Professor Murphy was a Co-editor (w/Jay
Vogelson) of the World Order Under Law Reporter. 

He has written a number of books, including: Report of the Task Force on an International
Criminal Court of the American Bar Association (1995); State Support of International
Terrorism: Legal, Political, and Economic Dimensions (1989); Punishing International
Terrorists: The Legal Framework for Policy Initiatives (1985); The United Nations and the
Control of International Violence: A Legal and Political Analysis (1983); and Legal
Aspects of International Terrorism: Summary Report of an International Conference (1980).
He has also co-authored several books, including: The Constitutional Law of the European
Union (1996 & Supp. 1999) (w/James D. Dinnage); Instructor's Manual for the
Constitutional Law of the European Union (1996) (w/James D. Dinnage); Teacher's
Guide for the Regulation of International Business and Economic Relations (1992); The
Regulation of International Business and Economic Relations (1991) (w/Alan C. Swan) (for
which he was awarded a Certificate of Merit by the American Society of International
Law), as well as a second edition of The Regulation of International Business and
Economic Relations, published in 1999; and was co-editor and contributor to Legal Aspects
of International Terrorism (1978) (w/Alona E. Evans). Professor Murphy also has written
many scholarly articles on the topics of international law and international terrorism.


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Book Announcement

The United States does not always accept the rule of law in international...


Book Chapters

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Civil Lawsuits as a Legal Response to International Terrorism, Civil Litigation Against Terrorism (2004)


Kosovo Agonistes, Trilateral Perspectives on International Legal Issues (2003)

The debate over the legality and morality of NATO's actions with respect to Kosovo has...

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Book Reviews

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