Professor Kim is a theorist and practitioner of new media, who has exhibited
interactive installations at museums and galleries across the country. His teaching has
focused on how new media impacts on the humanities and humanistic research. He is
interested in how new media - from cell phones and Web 2.0 to video games and mobile
computing are reshaping how we live, create and work. 

Kim also was a Visiting Resident at Sarai, a premier institute for new media production
and research based in New Delhi, India. He is pursuing collaborations with scholars and
artists on a research project that he has been developing over the last several years
exploring the aesthetic, cultural, and critical implications of new media technologies on
site-specific installations. 

Before returning to teaching, he also worked as a programmer and designer at a handful of
internet startups. 

EDUCATION: B.A., Williams College; M.A., PhD. Stanford University. 

Kim has been teaching at Macalester College since 2009. 



Whither the Material in New Media Studies?, communication +1 (2014)

This article addresses how new media theory has been founded on an endemic exclusion and...



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TönöSauna (2012)

TönöSauna venues included: Art Shanty Projects Commission, Medicine Lake, MN, February. Northern Spark, Minneapolis, June....