Sex Offenders and Child Sex Tourism: The Case for Passport Revocation, Virginia Journal of Social Policy and the Law (2011)

This paper addresses the problem that, under current law, convicted American sex offenders can obtain...



A Viable "Sweatshop Free" Model? The ILO's Better Factories Program and Labor Rights in Cambodia's Garment Industry, Stanford Law & Policy Review (2010)

The International Labour Organization's (ILO' s) innovative program, Better Factories Cambodia ("Better Factories"), represents one...



'China Casts a Giant Shadow': The Developing World Confronts Trade Liberalization and the End of Quotas in the Garment Industry, International Business and Law (2006)

This article examines the implications for developing nations of the termination of the thirty-year system...



In the Shadow of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal: The Domestic Trials of Nuon Paet, Chhouk Rin and Sam Bith, and the Search for Judicial Legitimacy in Cambodia, Columbia Journal of Asian Law (2006)

This paper examines the Cambodian trials of three former Khmer Rouge commanders, Nuon Paet, Sam...



Human Rights and the Garment Industry in Contemporary Cambodia, Stanford Journal of International Law (2000)

This article examines the labor laws, economy and union movement in Cambodia during the 1990's....


Contributions to Books

Court Management at the ECCC, On Trial: The Khmer Rouge Accountability Process (2009)