Same-Sex Marriage


Kim Davis Is No Rosa Parks, Politico (2015)

Tort Law

Civil Rights

Ball of Con(stitutional)Fusion: The Supreme Court’s Evolving Gay Rights Jurisprudence, Controversies in Equal Protection Cases in America: Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation (2015)

Health Law


Book Review Essay: Sticks and Stones: Defeating the Culture of Bullying and Rediscovering the Power of Character and Empathy, by Emily Bazelon (Random House 2013), Temple Political & Civil Rights Law Review (2013)

Drawing on the author’s work in considering the problem of bullying from a public health,...



Coercion, not Consent (with Gayle Matthews), HuffPost (2013)


Welcome, The Forum (Widener Law Health Law Institute) (2011)


More than the Victims: A Population-Based, Public Health Approach to Bullying of LGBT Youth, Rutgers Law Record (2011)

Although young people have always been bullied, recent high-profile cases involving LGBT kids have drawn...


Labor Law

Legal Education

Graduate Legal Education in the United States, International Graduate (1998)



California Should Not Pass "Multiple Parents" Bill (with Elizabeth Marquardt), HuffPost (2012)

Comparative and Foreign Law


Toward a Mature Doctrine of Informed Consent: Lessons from A Comparative Law Analysis (with King-Jean Wu, Oluyomi Faparusi, and Eric J. Juray), British Journal of American Legal Studies (2012)

This article undertakes a comparative, critical evaluation of the law of informed consent as it...


Health Law and Policy


Bullying, Litigation, and Populations: The Limited Effect of Title IX, Western New England Law Review (2013)

During the past few years, the problem of school bullying has gained national prominence. Scholars,...



Lawmakers Increasingly Undermining Roe v. Wade (with Erin Daly), The News Journal (Wilmington, DE) (2013)

Sports Law

Family Law


The Pope's Rich Bag of Diversity for Families, The News Journal (Wilmington, DE) (2015)