Thank you for taking the time to visit this site. Allow me to share a little about
myself. I have three passions in life: 1)God, 2) My family, and 3) education. I pray that
my publishing work is a blessing to you; I believe God has been very kind to me and
continues to open publishing doors. 

I take my job as a professor very seriously and make every attempt to give 100% to my
students. I have two teenage boys and have been married to the love of my life for almost
20 years. 

If I could give everyone only one piece of advice it would be the following, "Greet
each day by sliding out of bed and hitting your knees. Tell God how much you love Him and
thank Him for everything you can think of. Then give Him your day, energy, passion,
desire, and needs. Talk to Him throughout your day. Turn off the radio while you drive
and picture Him sitting beside you. Tell Him what is on your mind and ask Him advice.
Then wait for the answer. He is faithful to always respond...we often simply assume He
will not. Finally, treat each day with the desire to make your Heavenly Father smile. I
like to close my eyes and picture my actions bringing a smile to His face." 

God loves you! 

In God I trust! Dr. Jill Jones 

From Drs. Parker and Ackerman: On August 8th 2010, we lost Dr. Jill Jones to a car
accident. Her words below ring so powerful in knowing she is no longer pretending that
God is sitting next to her. She is now worshipping Him face to face. To continue to stay
in touch with her family and friends, we created a facebook page at - You are welcome to join
us in remembering her legacy there. 



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