Dr. Jill Gill joined the faculty of the Department of History at Boise State
University in 2000. She has a B.A. in American Studies and English from Whitworth
College, and her M.A. and Ph.D. in American Civilization, with a specialization in
socio-political and religious history, from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Gill
specializes in 20th century American social, political, racial and religious history,
with a research focus on the 1960s. 


Embattled Ecumenism: The National Council of Churches, the Vietnam War, and the Trials of the Protestant Left (2011)

The Vietnam War and its polarizing era challenged, splintered, and changed The National Council of...




Playing Dixie: Idaho’s States’ Rights Alliance and the 1964 Civil Rights Act, The Blue Review (2014)

Aspirational slogans such as “Idaho is Too Great to Hate” and “Idaho: the Human Rights...



The Obama Effect: A Radical Rorschach Test, The Blue Review (2012)

Watching Barack Obama’s presidential victory in November 2008, nearly every observer seemed to grasp the...


Caught in the Middle: Navigating the Clergy-Laity Gap During the Vietnam War, Journal of Presbyterian History (2011)

Executives within many mainline denominations, such as the United Presbyterian Church in the United States...


Idaho’s 'Aryan' Education: Martin Luther King, Jr., Day and Racial Politics, Pacific Northwest Quarterly (2011)

Idaho was among the nation's last states to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and...


Preventing a Second Massacre at Wounded Knee, 1973: Methodists Mediate for Peace, Methodist History (2004)

In 1973, when armed members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) occupied Wounded Knee on...


Contributions to Books


The Power and the Glory: Idaho’s Religious History, Idaho’s Place: A New History of the Gem State (2012)

Idaho's published religious history looks much like the state itself: bottom-heavy and abundantly Mormon. Historians...



Religious Responses to the Second World War, The Encyclopedia of Religion in America (2010)


Religion and Clergy, The Civil Rights Movement: People and Perspectives (2009)


Religious Communities and the Vietnam War, Vietnam War Era: People and Perspectives (2009)


'Mississippi Summer Project 1964' and 'National Council of Churches', Postwar America: An Encyclopedia of Social, Political, Cultural, and Economic History (2007)


Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Signing of the Civil Rights Act (Keynote), Martin Luther King Jr. - Idaho Human Rights Day Celebration (2014)


Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the Politics of Race, Boise State - Beyond the Blue Faculty Podcasts (2011)

The last few states to adopt the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday were largely non-southern,...



"Peace is Not the Absence of War but the Presence of Justice": The National Council of Churches' Reaction and Response to the Vietnam War, 1965-1972 (1996)

This dissertation examines responses of the National Council of Churches to moral, religious, political and...