A graduate of Yale University, completing dual programs in History and Religious
Studies (1999), with her J.D. from Duke University School of Law (2002), her LL.M. from
Yale Law School (2008), and J.S.D. from Yale Law School (2011), Dr. Fraley is a legal
historian who focuses her research on property and environmental issues. She practiced
law for more than six years, working primarily in toxic torts and premises liability. 

She has taught at the University of Kentucky, the University of Kentucky Law School and
Yale Law School. She currently teaches property, environmental law, law & geography
and legal history. Her recent writings focus on the legal history of Appalachia,
property, cartography and the development of territorial jurisdiction. 

Popular Press


What We Can Predict and Affect, The New York Times (2013)



Comment: Knowledge Circles and the Duty of Care, Washington and Lee Law Review (2014)


Colonial Property, Private Dams, and Climate Change in Virginia, Sea Grant Law and Policy Journal (2013)

Contributions to Books


Toxicology Litigation in North Carolina, The Use of Toxicology in Tort Litigation (2005)


Law Review Colloquium, Washington & Lee University School of Law (2013)
Green v. Liter - Insights into Property & Possession in American Legal History, New Scholars Paper Presentation, Southeastern Association of Law Schools (2013)
Meaning of Possession, Sharing Scholarship, Building Teachers (2013)