Jenny Wilkinson has extensive experience in education and educational
administration. This experience covers four different educational systems in three
different countries (Australia, Germany, United States of America.) She has taught at
primary, secondary and tertiary level and has represented Australia as an International
Teaching Fellow. She is also an experienced educational researcher. 

Ms Wilkinson has conducted research and prepared reports for a variety of ACER projects,
including the MindMatters Plus evaluation, the ReachOut! evaluation, the Access to
Excellence evaluation and the ReStart evaluation. She assisted in the development of the
pilot program of the Verification and Accreditation Process of the Performance and
Development Culture in Victorian government schools and participated as an assessor and a
panel trainer in the National Awards for Quality Schools. She is a benchmarker, assessor
and trainer in the Schools First scheme, which is administered by ACER. 

Ms Wikinson was a member of the ACER research team commissioned by the New Zealand
Ministry of Education to investigate secondary teacher workload and to conduct a work
study of primary teaching in New Zealand. She has prepared many other reports and case
studies of schools in different Victorian sectors. 

Ms Wilkinson is currently participating in the Evaluation of One Laptop Per Child (OLPC)
Trial project in the Solomon Islands. 



Managing student behaviour in the classroom (with Marion Meiers), The Digest (2008)

Unpublished Papers

Indigenous Youth Transitions (with Justin Brown, Gina Milgate, and Philip McKenzie), An unpublished report for the Department of Planning and Community Development, Melbourne. (2009)
Service Delivery Review of the Central Australian Remote Health Development Services (CARHDS) (with Gina C. Milgate, Peter Trewin, Andrew Dowling, and Adrian Beavis), Gina C Milgate (2008)

Conference Papers & Presentations

Teacher workload and effective teaching : what do teachers think? (with Elizabeth Kleinhenz), AERA Annual Meeting (2007)



Evaluation of the Sporting Chance Program (with Michele Lonsdale, Stephanie Armstrong, David McClay, Sharon Clerke, Jocelyn Cook, Kanat Wano, Robert Simons, Gina C. Milgate, Meredith Bramich, and Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)), Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation (2011)


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