Jeffrey A. Livingston is an Associate Professor of Economics at Bentley University.
He is currently on sabbatical serving as a Visiting Scholar at the Becker Center on
Chicago Price Theory at the University of Chicago. His research interests include many
issues in Behavioral Economics. His current research focuses on exploring whether and how
social preferences can affect market outcomes. 



A Hedonic Approach to Testing for Indirect Network Effects in the LCD Television Market (with Ortmeyer David, Patrick A. Scholten, and Wilson Wong), Applied Economics Letters (2013)

Using data from CNet's Shopper' on prices and television characteristics, we use a quality-adjusted, hedonic...



The hot hand and the cold hand in professional golf, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2012)

Previous studies have shown that people believe in the existence of the “hot hand” effect:...



The Behavior of Inexperienced Bidders in Internet Auctions, Economic inquiry (2010)

In Internet auctions, bidders alter their strategies as they gain market experience. While inexperienced bidders...



Functional Forms in Studies of Reputation in Online Auctions, Electronic Commerce Research (2010)

Many studies have examined how various factors affect prices in online auctions. These studies assume...



Do Countercyclical-Weekend Effects Persist in Online Retail Markets? (with Patrick Scholten and Jihui Chen), Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (2009)

Contrary to classical economic price theory, Warner and Barsky [Warner, Elizabeth J., and Barsky, Robert...


Contributions to Books

The Psychology of Economics in Decision Making: A Review (with Michael Quinn), Psychology of Decision Making in Economics, Business and Finance (2008)

Decentralization in Uganda (with Omar Azfar and Patrick Meagher), Decentralization and Local Governance in Developing Countries: A Comparative Perspective (2006)

The theory of fiscal federalism provides several reasons to expect better public service delivery if...



What Attracts a Bidder to a Particular Internet Auction?, Organizing the New Industrial Economy (Advances in Applied Microeconomics, Volume 12) (2003)

Livingston (2002) shows that bidders in Internet auctions are easily convinced of a seller’s trustworthiness:...


Unpublished Papers


A Step Ahead? Experienced Play in the P-Beauty Game (with Susan Skeath) (2014)

In the "p-beauty" contest, contestants choose a number between zero and 100 and the winner...



The Effect of ID Verification in Online Auctions: Evidence from a Field Experiment (2014)

Problems that arise in online markets due to asymmetric information are exacerbated by the fact...



Was Bayes Overconfident? An Experiment on Belief Updating (with Uri Gneezy, Moshe Hoffman, Mark A. Lane, John A. List, and Michael J. Seilier) (2014)

Behavioral economics has now been used to explain almost any observed deviation from rationality. One...



When the Weak Become Weaker: The Effect of Market Power on Third Degree Price Discrimination (with John A. List and Jeffrey Picel) (2014)

This study begins by exploring theoretically the relationship between market power and statistical price discrimination...



Harnessing Complementarities in the Education Production Function (with John A. List and Susanne Neckermann) (2012)

Studies which seek to estimate components of the education production function, especially those that employ...