B.A. (GVSU) 

M.A. (U Mich.) 

Ph.D. (MSU) 

Jeff Brand is Professor of Communication and Creative Media at Bond University. 

His teaching focuses on emerging media, interactive media industries, and research
methods. He has won national, institutional and student awards for his university
teaching at two universities; in 2013 he was awarded a national Excellence in Teaching
Citation from the Australian Office of Learning and Teaching. He founded bachelors of
Multimedia and Computer Games at Bond University in 2007 the Bachelor of Interactive
Media and Design in 2013. 

Professor Brand’s research explores the social psychology of media audiences, their use
of interactive media and the content regulation imperatives that arise from presumed
media effects. He is lead author of the Interactive Australia and Interactive New Zealand
series of national computer games audience studies supported by the Interactive Games and
Entertainment Association, and author (with Prof. Mark Pearson) of Sources of News and
Current Affairs published in 2001 by the Australian Broadcasting Authority. His current
work explores computer game audiences with a focus on diffusion, policy, serious games
and the convergence of books and games. Other research interests and publications have
included news and current affairs, gender effects of media, media content stereotypes,
and using mobile media as engagement tools in higher education. 

He has held university administration and service positions such as Chair of the HDR
Committee, Head of School, Associate Dean, and Chair of the Human Research Ethics

Consultancies have included media, telecommunications and industry organisations as well
as government regulators and policy offices such as the Australian Communications and
Media Authority, SBS, Australian Classification Board and the Interactive Games and
Entertainment Association. 


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Book chapters

Designing competitive edge through job ads: A content analysis of seek.com.au (with Jan Jervis), Design for Business: Volume 2 (2014)

Mining Constructivism in the University: The case of creative mode (with Penny de Byl, Scott J. Knight, and James Hooper), Understanding Minecraft: Essays on Play, Community and Possibilities (2014)

The ripple effect of positive change: Raising awareness of cyberbullying through a community-based service-learning project (with Amy Kenworthy and Dee Bartrum), Misbehaviour Online in Higher Education (2012)


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Popular Press


Does social media breed learner laziness? (with Shelley Kinash), Education Technology Solutions (2014)


Crafting minds in Minecraft (with Shelley Kinash), Education Technology Solutions (2013)


Are the library shelves empty now that digital books have arrived? (with Debborah Smith and Shelley Kinash), Educational Technology Solutions (2013)

Conference Papers/Presentations


Turn on the book: Using affordance theory to understand the adoption of digital textbooks by university lecturers (with Debborah Smith and Shelley Kinash), Electric Dreams, 30th ascilite Conference (2013)


Playing e-textbooks ends the stale, mate, Queensland University Libraries Office of Cooperation, Information Resources and Access Working Party Meeting (2012)


Playable books or serious games: Publications that LOVE you!, Copyright Agency's Annual Seminar: Digital Publishing Today (2012)


Bond Padagogy Project (with Shelley Kinash, Trishita Mathew, and Ron Kordyban), Teaching and learning papers (2012)

Research Reports


Digital Australia 2016 (DA16) (with Stewart Todhunter) (2015)


Get Visible or Vanish : using new media to raise your research profile (with Peta J. Hopkins, Wendy Abbott, Daniel Brennan, Katrina A. Bramstedt, Tracy Whitelaw, and Michael J. Rees), Library Services and IT Services papers (2013)


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One Goal, One Community: Program Development and Research Results from Bond’s International Anti-Bullying Program (with Amy Kenworthy, George Hrivnak, and Dee Bartrum), Research Week Posters (2012)