Professor Jeanine Andreassi taught in the areas of Management, Organizational
Behavior and Human Resources. Prior to joining the Faculty of the Welch College of
Business, she worked for Sirota Consulting, managing the design, implementation, and
analysis of employee attitudinal surveys for large organizations such as American
Express, Westfield Corporation and the National Nuclear Security Administration. 

Degrees: Graduated with a double major in Psychology and Economics from Lafayette
College; MBA from Baruch College of the City University of New York (CUNY); Ph.D. from
the Graduate Center of CUNY. 

Research Interests: Professor Andreassi's publications have been in the field of
work-family, and have focused on work-life culture, personality, and coping. Most
recently, she is researching the reasons why women opt-out of the workforce. 

Her work has been published in the Journal of Managerial Psychology, The Journal of
Family Issues, Cross Cultural Management and the Organization Management Journal. She
also serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Family Issues. She has authored
numerous book chapters, and has presented papers at National and International
conferences, including the Academy of Management, the Society for Industrial and
Organizational Psychology and The International Conference on Work and Family (IESE
Business School, Barcelona, Spain). 



Cultural Impact of Human Resource Practices on Job Satisfaction: A Global Study Across 48 Countries (with Leanna Lawter, Martin Brockerhoff, and Peter Rutigliano), Business Faculty Publications (2014)

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to determine the effect of high-performance human...



Job Satisfaction Determinants: A Study Across 48 Nations (with Leanna Lawter, Martin Brockerhoff, and Peter Rutigliano), Business Faculty Publications (2012)

This paper examines the drivers of job satisfaction across four cultural regions—Asia, Europe, North America,...



What the Person Brings to the Table: Personality, Coping, and Work–Family Conflict, Business Faculty Publications (2011)

Employees (N = 291) of various industries and companies were surveyed to study how individual...



A Team Level Analysis Of Mergers: The Impact Of Restructuring And Managerial Support On Role Stressors And Work-Life Outcomes (with Angela R. Grotto), WCOB Working Papers (2011)

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) may negatively impact employees’ work role experiences. When a merger occurs,...



Cross Cultural Variables: Evaluating Employee Attitudes Across Four Regions Of Asia, Europe, North And Latin America (with Martin Brockerhoff), WCOB Working Papers (2011)

There has been an explosion of businesses moving operations overseas, setting up international joint ventures...


Contributions to Books


Work-Family Culture: Current Research and Future Directions (with Cynthia A. Thompson), Business Faculty Publications (2008)

The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the role of the work environment—specifically, the...



On the Importance of Coping: A Model and New Directions for Research on Work and Family (with Cynthia A. Thompson, Steven A. Y. Poelmans, and Tammy D. Allen), Business Faculty Publications (2007)