Tort Law


Mental Disabilities and Duty in Negligence Law: Will Neuroscience Reform Tort Doctrine?, Indiana Health Law Review -- forthcoming (2014)

Recent developments in neuroscience may contribute to some long-needed changes in negligence law. One negligence...



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In reviewing the statute, regulations, guidance and case law utilized in implementing the Toxic Substances...



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The scope of federal preemption of state common law medical device claims has been vigorously...



Implied Preemption of Medical Device ‘Parallel Claims’, Product Safety & Liability Reporter (2012)

Although the scope of federal preemption of state common law medical device claims has been...


Scientific Evidence


Toward a Neuroscience Model of Tort Law: How Functional Neuroimaging Will Transform Tort Doctrine (with Eric J. Laury), Columbia Science and Technology Law Review (2012)

The “neuroscience revolution” has now gained the attention of legal thinkers and is poised to...

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Workers Compensation

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This article discusses how various scientific studies suggest a causal connection between workers' reproductive and...


Reproductive Technologies

Medical Malpractice


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