Jaya Kannan is the Director of Digital Learning at Sacred Heart University. She has
a PhD in Computer Assisted Language Learning and more than 15 years of international
teaching and research experience in the higher education setting. 

In addition to managing a five year Title V federal grant, she has administrative
experience running Teaching and Learning Centers. Her recent research interests involve
the study of self-directed learning and the role of affect in the digital learning

Degrees: Ph.D. in Computer Assisted Language Learning, Anna University, Chennai, India;
Master of Philosophy: English Language, Literature & Linguistics, University of
Madras, Chennai, India; Master of Arts in English Language and Literature, University of
Madras, Chennai, India; Bachelor of Science (Physics) University of Mysore, Mysore,


The Teacher as Learner: an Institutional Approach to Promoting Pedagogical Innovation (with Adrianna Dattoli), Annual Conference on Innovative Pedagogy & Course Redesign (2014)

Our University has renewed its vision for better integration of the digital environment to meet...



Blended Learning in Anesthesia Education: Current State and Future Model (with Viji Kurup), Faculty Publications (2012)

Purpose of review: Educators in anesthesia residency programs across the country are facing a number...



Using Learning Goals to Promote Self-Directedness: How Problems in Research led to Solutions in Teaching (with Larry Lutsky, Lisa Bauer, and Yasmine Alwan), Digital Learning Publications (2011)

In promoting self-directedness, our process at MCNY’s Learning Enhancement Center begins by having the student...



Case Study of Connected Knowing in an Online Learning Environment (with John Laurence Miller), Digital Learning Publications (2009)

This paper reports a single-subject case study designed to investigate the role of group discussion...



The Positive Role of Negative Emotions: Fear, Anxiety, Conflict and Resistance as Productive Experiences in Academic Study and in the Emergence of Learner Autonomy (with John Laurence Miller), Digital Learning Publications (2009)

Although affect is widely recognized as a powerful force in determining students’ academic success,researchers and...


Conference Presentations


Riding in Tandem: Promoting Faculty Engagement Through Collaborative Strategies (with Amanda Moras) (2014)

Presentation at the UPCEA New England Regional Conference October 31, 2014 in Manchester, VT.




Integrating Interactive Technology to Promote Learner Autonomy: Challenges and Rewards (with Marie A. Hulme, María Lizano-DiMare, and Pilar Munday), English Faculty Publications (2013)

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, students and faculty must understand and harness the...




Synchronous Online Sessions using Webex (with Adrianna Dattoli), Sacred Heart University Offices of I.T and Digital Learning Faculty Workshop Series : Fall 2013 (2013)

WebEx is a web conferencing solution that allows you to connect with anyone, anywhere, in...



MCNY DL Case-Study: Paradigm Shift in Serving Predominantly Black Minority Students (with Tilokie Depoo), Digital Learning Publications (2011)

According to the 2010 Sloan Consortium report, although one-third of the country's 4500 universities offer...


Popular Press


Faculty Seminar Leads to Collaboration, Learning, Sacred Heart University News Story (2014)

A total of 20 Sacred Heart University faculty members began the summer break with a...